March 31, 2010

Week of Tweets #10

Oops, slipped a little in my weekly updates from the world of Twitter. It does mean that I have a few weeks to pick from so this should be good…

Interesting article – TV + Twitter @time:

  • Seems like Twitter is the new water cooler. But rather than “did you see that show” it is “I’m watching this great show, tune in with me and let’s chat in real time”. This effect contributed to the fact that the 2010 Super Bowl was the most watched U.S. TV show ever, surpassing the finale of M*A*S*H. This year’s Olympics far outrated the 2006 Games. The Emmys, Grammys and Golden Globes all increased, and on March 7, about 41 million people watched the Oscars, 5 million more than last year. Read on >


Thanks for sharing! RT @digital_london: Wunderman’s Mobile Mania: A Manual For The Second Internet Revolution:

If you’ve been around as long as me you would have heard “this is the year of mobile” for about 10 years now. Maybe this time it’s true. This great manual from Wunderman spells out what to expect…

Phew! RT @AdweekDotCom: Old Is the New Young: Adults keep adolescent values – teens maintain a more ‘adult’ outlook.

  • I’ve actually noticed this with my own teenage daughter. She is sooooooo sensible. She really keeps us straight. I hear her say “what is that terrible music you’re listening to” or “please grow up. This article looks into this strange trend.

A 12 year old boy in my daughter’s class just made an iPhone app for the school. I now feel officially old.

  • OK, so the app could be better. But he did something I can’t do. So after being relieved that I’m the “new young” I suddenly feel ancient.

Careful brands, its a jungle out there! RT @simonmainwaring: Nestle’s social media meltdown. Lots to be learned here.

  • The world of social media can be a minefield. Especially if your product costs the lives of cuddly hairy animals…

Time to change – RT @parsonsdigital: Why Today’s Ad Agencies Won’t Cut It Tomorrow:

  • There is so much talk about how the traditional agency is on its way out. I think they are smart enough to move with the times. Maybe they could move faster but they are not the quartet playing on the deck of the Titanic. Ad agency people are first on the boat.

ipad_179145xWill ads on the pad take off? NYTimes: Advertisers Show Interest in iPad

  • This weekend is the beginning of a new era in hyperbole. World-changing, magical, paradigm-shifting… Advertisers just want to know how to use it to sell more stuff. Let the fun begin.

Inspiring… RT @hellokinsella: Some nice stuff here. 2010 MediaGuardian Innovation Awards winners:

  • This is the third year of the Megas (MediaGuardian Innovation Awards). These awards “recognise those at the pinnacle of achievement in media innovation. The finalists and winners represent thinkers and doers in UK media who act as a catalyst for change and inspire others with their ideas and actions”. Check out the winners. They are (dare I say it?) mega…

Great video interview. RT @darrylohrt: How Pepsico embraces digital – with @jkarpf & @boughb:

    RT @BBHLabs: Something for Saturday morning – our recap of SXSW, the highlights & themes; a @BBHLabs post –

    • If you followed anyone on Twitter attending the event you would not have garnered much information. The best I got was from Lars Bastholm who ended up in a BBQ coma. But this article from BBH sums it up nicely.

    RT @BBHLabs: New Forrester report out: Future of Agencies: focus on Ideas, Interaction, Intelligence; @AdAge reviews:

    • Agencies should be ashamed if it takes a client to drag them into the 21st century. But that is what is happening. Read on

    I always end on a smile (that sounds a little rude).

    Nice RT @adland: RT @kylevanblerk Augmented reality before there was AR. Flipbook that creates a rainbow in your hand.

    • Yes, there is more to life than digital.


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    March 29, 2010

    Dot Com Bombs

    This very scary infographic from VisualEconomics should be a warning to the latest crop of digital wannabees. Even a great idea can fail. Bad ones have no excuses…

    March 19, 2010


    Together with co-directors Cory Strassburger and Ming Hsiung, Alexx Henry produced a motion magazine cover and feature spread for Viv Mag – an all digital magazine. This combination of video and graphics shows what is going to be possible on the iPad and other tablet devices. Check out all the other features of the magazine here.

    March 17, 2010

    Advertising in the Internet of Things

    There is a lot of talk about the Internet of things. In this video we see how even the simplest devices like an alarm clock can communicate with other “things” so you get up soon enough to defrost your car. It all sounds like science fiction but it probably isn’t too far into the future.

    So if the world around you can think for you – that is going to leave you with a lot of time on your hands. You’ll have more time to entertain yourself, go shopping or think about your next holiday. In a world where everything is connected advertising could be so targeted that it knows what you need before you do. No doubt our clothes will be connected to the internet too and can tell if you are coming down with a fever. Would your doctor automatically send you the right medicine? Or will you be confronted with a series of ads for cold treatments when you look at your connected screen? Would choice even come into it? Maybe, behind the scenes, various brands have been informed you are coming down with a cold and they will bid to be the product you’re presented with? They will have all the access to your data to see if you are worth bidding for. Income, how often you and your family get sick and so on.

    The internet has already changed so many industries, for better or worse. Advertising has already changed dramatically. The internet of things will accelerate everything even faster. Rather than wait for it to happen advertising agencies should already be looking to this new world and trying to figure out how they fit into it. Some are starting to rethink the old advertising model (even online advertising needs a rethink). It is going to be fascinating to see what happens.

    March 12, 2010

    State of the Internet

    I saw this little video on the DigitalBuzzBlog. Some amazing statistics presented in an engaging way. There are 2.5 billion photos uploaded to Facebook every month, YouTube serves 1 billion videos per day, The average person watched 182 online videos per month and there are 200 billion spam emails sent every day!

    March 11, 2010

    Week of Tweets # 9

    Another week, another bunch of Tweets cherry picked from the past week or so…

    RT @LBiLondon: Digital world’s top thinkers share their visions of the future with the BBC from 8 to 19 March

    • No idea why I wasn’t invited but go check out speakers such as Martha Lane Fox, Steve Ballmer, Eric Schmidt, Jimmy Wales, and others.

    Great collection RT @pyesawichjr: RT @RGA: 15 amazing interactive installations:

    • Digital is escaping the confines of devices and being used for amazing effect by artists in public spaces.

    RT @Adverplanner: Bank Run: iPhone App extends into Interactive Movie – control the outcome through your phone

    • Interesting project that combines on screen video and an app. A taste of future TV?

    Interesting read RT @Razorfish: Digital agencies embrace business reinvention

    • Agencies like Razorfish and R/GA are  now able to “move up the ladder with clients while developing a track record for delivering technology to advance businesses. The ideal is a client that invites shops in to craft a plan to take advantage of digital technology to move the business in a new direction”.


    Inspiring people. The 2010 Creativity 50 – I’m not on the list and neither are you – but check it out.

    • Great people, amazing stories – get inspired by Alex Bogusky, James Cameron, David Droga, Michael Lebowitz and more.

    Great story RT @wired: 10 Years After: Wired mag takes a look back at the dotcom boom and bust

    • It was tough at the time but it had to happen. The web has grown up a lot since.

    RT @ChristianHughes: RT @contagiousmag: Google’s Tom Uglow’s presentation from The Future of Advertising event

    • Very inspirational presentation. Below is just one clip you’ll find there.

    and finally…

    Do the Cannes Cyberlions have their own version of the Razzies? This would win big time –

    March 10, 2010

    Conversations = conversion

    Arto Joensuu, Head of Digital Marketing at Nokia, and the rest of his search & social team are spreading the message that conversations are the new conversion across Nokia and beyond:

    “Smart brands embrace the notion of co-creating social practices with customers and listen carefully to when these come to life in specific usage contexts of a particular product. These conversational conversions are the future for brand success as they are fueled through advocacy. Conversations are thus the new conversion metric smart brands will start to measure”.

    via the We are social blog

    March 9, 2010

    How to write a creative brief

    I enjoyed this slideshow from Dare about how to write the perfect creative brief. Very helpful…

    March 8, 2010

    Something strange in adland – episode 1

    upside-down-houseYou know there’s something strange in adland when…

    You don’t needs ads.

    An iPhone app for VW is downloaded four million times generating an “80% increase in leads, test drive and quote requests without a print ad, banner or broadcast spot in sight”. AKQA have a track record for zigging instead of zagging. See the video case study here >

    You don’t need agencies.

    Clients like Doritos now ask consumers to create their ad campaigns (only they don’t know that advertising folks are the ones submitting the best ideas!)

    tunickIn this New York Times article Stuart Elliot writes “BE afraid, Madison Avenue. Be very afraid”. He mentions various campaigns where “consumers” developed the ideas. But on the flipside, this blog post from ADLAB reveals a different story.

    You don’t need a budget.

    One agency got a year’s worth of media for only $500 by taking advantage of people with poor eyesight. See the story from McCann Erickson Israel…

    You don’t need TV.

    The 2009 Cannes Film Grand Prix goes to an interactive movie you can only see on the internet. Watch the DDB case study video…

    Keep your eyes open – the strangeness isn’t over yet.

    March 4, 2010

    Happiness through social media

    Thought I’d share this great presentation from Coke’s Group Director of Worldwide Interactive Marketing. It real shows the power of social media when it comes to big brands.
    View more presentations from iStrategy.