November 30, 2010

Best of British

At the BIMA (British Interactive Media Association) Awards last week there were some great winners – some of which are definitely worth taking a look at. The biggest winner of the night was Recode Decode, a project from Saint@RKCR/Y&R. It was a generative marketing campaign for the Victoria & Albert museum’s show of digital art and design, Decode. The agency commissioned Karsten Schmidt to create an ever-changing open source artwork that was used for the exhibition identity. You can read the story behind the project here.

In the Charity and Not for profit category (sometimes known as SCAM – although not in this case 🙂 ), Publicis London won for their iHobo iPhone app. It was developed “to challenge perceptions surrounding homelessness. The app, the first ever to feature interactive live action video footage, has been developed on behalf of homelessness charity Depaul UK”. The free iHobo application downloads a virtual homeless person on to the user’s iPhone and effectively demonstrates in real time the complexity of homelessness; lack of shelter, food and money, emotional distress, isolation, drug use, crime and physical and mental abuse.

We are Social were winners in several categories for their Marmarati campaign. To launch Marmite’s new extra strong product the agency brought together a roomful of bloggers, influencers and journalists as they were being inducted into the secret society of the ‘Marmarati’. This select group of 40 were first sent an email from the secret society, then they received a phone call from a character called William Fotherington-Smythe, and finally were sent a beautifully crafted paper invite to the induction ceremony. At the event the group was told the story of the new product’s creation and introduced to the seven elders of the Marmarati, with Marmite’s CEO playing ‘Lord Marmarati’. They then blind-tasted three iterations of the product and were told that their feedback on flavour, as well as reaction to initial jar designs, would directly affect which version will be launched to the public after Christmas. They were then told about a private Facebook group (set up to create a community around the most passionate fans) and instructed to keep their eyes peeled for further instructions. (source New Media Age)

The full story enfolds in the presentation below.

In the Websites and Microsites category Aardman Animations (the people behind Wallace and Gromit) won for their Tate Movie project. The Tate Movie Project was “the first of its kind – an animated movie made by and for children across the UK. Showcasing the vivid imaginations of kids, the Tate Movie Project used great artworks to inspire 5-13 year olds nationwide to contribute their ideas to the movie. Children created every aspect of the film, from the hand-drawn characters and plot twists, down to costumes and comic sound effects”.

The BIMA website does not provide links to any of the cases but if you want to see a list of all the winners click here.

November 25, 2010

The rise of the iAd

This is the latest iAd from Nissan. Not sure where this demo video was used but it shows how engaging iAds can be. Nissan is clearly trying hard to get this new medium to work for them as this comes hot on the wheels of their Nissan Leaf iAd.

Here’s another one from Liberty Mutual around the theme of being responsible. It is built around their message that “people want to do the right thing. Now we’re making it just a little bit easier for them to live more responsible lives”.

With the announcement of iPad magazines and newspapers from Rupert Murdoch and Richard Branson we will hopefully see more creativity being spent on developing really smart uses of this new new media.

November 17, 2010

Asia Pacific Winners

Last night I attended the Campaign Asia Digital Media Awards gala presentation in Beijing and there were some great winners from agencies across the region. One of the night’s big winners was Colenso BBDO / AIM Proximity of New Zealand who won the platinum award for best overall campaign for Yellow Chocolate. This amazing project for Yellow Pages also won a gold at Cannes and demonstrates a new way of thinking within agencies. These are the same people who brought us the Best Job in the World. Talking to the team afterwards they were telling me how that campaign and this one for Yellow Pages has completely transformed their agency. Now they approach projects in a completely new way compared to more traditional agencies. All the key people have an equal place at the table from the start where they develop the core idea that answers the client’s challenge. Then the campaign is built around the idea using whichever media is right for that audience. Sounds easy but few agencies work this way.

There must be something in the water in New Zealand (literally in this case) as there were other great winners such Tribal DDB with Live Rescue. To demonstrate the huge task the NZ Coastguard has finding vessels lost at sea, they capsized a boat, stranded 4 people in the ocean, and challenged New Zealand to find them, and save them, in a live-rescue event. Real-time ads drove people online to a search plane simulator to the race against the clock to find the missing boaties. GPS on the boat fed its location into the simulator, which also updated according to current weather conditions and the fading light. Volunteers soon realised they were faced with a hopeless situation, a feeling all too familiar to the Coastguard.

Moving a little further north we had a gold winner from Leo Burnett Sydney for best use of social media. Canon Photochains was developed to promote the Canon EOS DSLR camera range. It won a handful of awards at Cannes International Advertising Festival. The campaign used national television, print and online advertising to invite photographers of all skill levels to upload photographs to a chain started by Canon on the World of EOS website. Once online, people could also start their own photochains, or join those created by others.

OgilvyOne/Neo@Ogilvy Singapore won gold in the retail category for their Nike Trackball concept. Their brief was to “create something as unique and original as the new Nike CTR360 football boot that was to hit the shelves”. They created an interactive in-store experience where ball control and product knowledge of the Nike CTR360 was “both seamless and seductive”.

A special mention has to go to Amanda King, president of Tribal DDB Asia-Pacific, who was named Digital Agency Head of the Year.

Check out the full list of winners here.

November 14, 2010

Week (or a month rather) of tweets #20

OK, I have a good excuse for not updating my blog with the best of my recent tweets. I did move to China which to be honest does sound as bad as “the dog ate my homework”. It does give me a lot of tweets to choose from so hopefully this summary will be a good one…

Wow RT @brainpicker: A highly unusual yet utterly inspirational move – #TED awards annual $100K prize to street artist JR

  • Yes, this isn’t very digital but it really is inspired me to see how someone can use his creative skills to say something meaningful.

Clever idea… NYTimes: Ads That Let You Check In at Your Favorite Billboard

  • We are seeing more and more examples of physical and digital coming together whether it’s Facebook or Foursquare appearing on billboards. Ultimately it’s all about one seamless user experience.

Art for the app generation… RT @intersphere: Augmented reality artwork invades the MOMA in NYC

  • Yes they look stupid but it is art after all.

Great article…RT @thisismolotov: Turning Branded Contests Into Branded Content

  • Some really great examples in this blog post from Mitch Joel. He says “Social Media does many cool and interesting things when it comes to content, but it’s also an incredible driver for contests. This often forgotten medium is in desperate need of rejuvenation, and all of the moving parts are now available through both online and mobile channels to make it happen”. As someone who started his career doing promotional campaigns I love to see examples of branded contests that really engage people online, via mobile etc.

Game on… RT @GaryPHayes: Urban Gaming – Augmented Reality Style « The Future Digital Life

More Muji magic with a range of iPad apps – check them out – via @chloalo

  • When a brand like Muji applies its design philosophy to a range of branded apps for the iPad you can only expect something wonderful. Click here to see the whole range.

Media surfaces: Incidental Media… Fascinating ideas from Dentsu & Berg.

  • This is “the first of two video sketches illustrating some of the ideas and principles behind Dentsu London’s communications strategy Making Future Magic”

Cool! RT @edwardboches: The art of social media: Goodby, Silverstein idea for the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg

  • Some amazing examples of how museums and galleries are harnessing “new media” to attract people to visit more and to deliver a fresh experience. Just love the Hipstamatic Dali concept.

Incredible project – check the making of… RT @nickburcher: Ralph Lauren 4D Projection London, New Bond Street

  • We are seeing more and more 3D projection mapping projects these days from buildings to cars and shoes. But this making-of video shows how ambitious and complex some of these projects are becoming. Amazing result too.

and just to end with a smile…. or a grimace:

Finally, something more annoying than mime artists 🙂 Watch out for another T-Mobile flash mob

November 11, 2010

Balloonacy lifts off again

A couple of years ago Poke London launched a hugely successful game for Orange where people raced virtual balloons across the internet. In 2008, there were over 40,000 people jumping between over 2,000 websites to win prizes. Now Balloonacy has gone global. It has also become a lot more social too and incorporates many new techniques that were not around last time – such as iPhone apps.

It’s a great concept that mixes casual gaming with social surfing… all helping the Orange brand appear more entertaining and adding value to people’s lives. Head on over to join the fun.

November 3, 2010

Catch an iButterfly

Mobile coupons are really catching on right now but trust the Japanese to make the whole experience more beautiful and whimsical. Dentsu have created iButterfly where augmented reality butterflies can be found around the country using a special iPhone app. Catch one and you’ve caught a coupon to be used nearby.

November 2, 2010

Mini Getaway

Great promotional campaign running right now in Stockholm for Mini using a location-based mobile app to get people chasing each other to win a real car. Via Bas on Blogilvy

Interactive cinema

Interactivity doesn’t just have to be about clicking. This great project from BBH London for St. John’s Ambulance took storytelling to a new dimension and engaged the audience in a tense tale of something that could happen to everyone. You can read the full story here on their blog. First aid saves lives and this campaign really brings that to life.