January 28, 2011

Month of tweets #1

Since moving to China my time on Twitter and here on my blog has dropped considerably. I’m transitioning from my weekly tweets roundup (which was not that regular if we are being honest) to a monthly one. So here is the 1st in my Month of Tweets…

2011 – the year of HTML5?… RT @BenShaw: PSFK » Nike’s New Site Uses HTML5 to Scroll Towards A ‘Better World’ http://ow.ly/3yx62

  • I’ve heard that it doesn’t work on an iPad (I still don’t have one!!!). Interesting all the same.

Cyber stalking is good for business 🙂 RT @ericphu: I love this KLM campaign idea… brilliant.

  • Everyone has probably seen this by now. But if you haven’t then you’ll wish you had this idea.

Angry Birds unplugged? A new board game inspired by the app http://bit.ly/dJEA4a

  • Milking the idea for all it’s got before people get bored…

Clever stuff from Brazil… Gol Airlines: Mobile Controlled Banner Game – on DigitalBuzzBlog http://bit.ly/fR3nR4

  • Few people will have the patience to do this but it doesn’t stop it from being an innovative idea.

Amazing… RT @thaz7: Great read from @fastcompany on the influence of the social networks in China. http://bit.ly/e15BWq

  • Seeing it firsthand is quite something. If you think social media is big then it’s even bigger in China.

Scary? RT @GaryPHayes: The Future According to Schmidt: “Augmented Humanity,” Integrated Into Google | Fast Company http://bit.ly/iiXA3u

  • How far does Google want to get inside our lives? This article might make you a little nervous.

Nice concept… Nike connects global runners via ‘Ekiden’ social contest – http://bit.ly/gjQ90Z

  • When you have such a powerful branded utility platform like Nike Plus there is no end to the ideas you can build upon it. This one from Japan connects runners from all over the world. Great idea from W+K.

As usual I like to end with a smile. This banner concept brings to life the Ikea self-assembly philosophy perfectly.

Sweet idea for Ikea… RT @hardwidge: Ikea: Unbox the Banner 2 on BannerBlog: http://bit.ly/gYmz0E

January 25, 2011

Beyond the Surface

Microsoft Surface has been around for a while but never really seemed to take off. With this new development fro Amnesia/Razorfish things might be about to change.

They say it is a software breakthrough, which “allows instant and seamless sharing and transfer of any content such as photos, music or embedded apps between multiple handheld devices using a Microsoft Surface table using a single gesture. A smartphone owner can now move their content freely between two devices by simply dragging content off their phone onto a Microsoft Surface Table and back onto another device instantly”.

Check out the demo below.

January 16, 2011

Tag the future

Interesting slideshow from PSFK and Microsoft about the future of mobile tagging. Here they present the key trends in the mobile tagging space and hope to “inspire marketers and their creative agencies about their future use of technologies that include QR codes, barcodes and Microsoft Tags in their branding activity and communication campaigns”.
A few companies (including Google) have tried to capture this new market with their own brand of outdoor tags so it will be interesting to see how the big M make their mark in this domain. As more people carry the kind of phones that can read tags we can imagine many campaigns being able to offer incentives or create a new way to interact with brands. The opportunities are huge and it’s definitely an area that is worth exploring.

January 13, 2011

Intel and Adidas score

There are more and more amazing examples of digital retail experiences. Intel and Adidas have teamed up with Start Creative to create this virtual wall of shoes, which the companies demonstrated at the National Retail Federation convention in New York.

U.K. based Start Creative designed the touch screen wall which allows customers to see 3D views and information on shoes. It is also social connected so you can see what people are saying about each model. The video below was shot at the event by ZDNET.

January 5, 2011

Planners + Creatives

Here’s a nice New Year resolution. Let’s all be friends. A great deck from Boondoggle.