February 28, 2011

Towards digital

If there are still agencies out there that haven’t moved to digital yet then this presentation from TBWA/Digital Arts offers some good pointers to help you avoid the pitfalls…

February 22, 2011

Innovation & Collaboration

Saneel Radia is Director of Innovation at BBH Labs New York and recently gave this presention to Miami Ad School students in Brooklyn. On the BBH Labs blog he says that “there’s been a clear shift toward digital product development at agencies in recent years and it seems to be the work we respect most of one another if award shows are any indication (and I’m not sure they are)”.

He goes on to say that what he find most intriguing about the future of product development at agencies “is the intersection with collaboration. I continue to believe that serving as a scaffolding for customers to engage with brands beyond transactions is a huge opportunity for agencies, and that we’ve only scratched the surface thus far”.

February 10, 2011

2011 Digital Marketing Outlook

Great report from the Society of Digital Agencies that ranges from where marketing meets technology to how CMOs and agencies are ushering in the era of integrated marketing communications. It’s an amazing collection of “insights and knowledge sharing from agency, marketing, and academic thought leaders from around the globe”.
The Digital Consumer section shows “the benefits of listening to and engaging online audiences and understanding their comfort with digital intimacy”. The Modern Brand section explores “what we can learn from agile development processes and what the new agency model really looks like”. In the Emerging Technology & Trends section you’ll find an “insider’s view of how close we are to a Minority Report world, where wearable digital technology is not just a fashion trend, and where location-based social networks intersect our physical and virtual identities”.
There is a whole lot more too. Definitely something worth sharing with colleagues and clients.

February 1, 2011

Honda’s Unpredictable Life

You know that apps have gone mainstream when they are integrated this well into an ad campaign. As reported in Creative Review, “Wieden + Kennedy London has created a stunning new animated ad to advertise the new, improved Honda Jazz car. Titled This Unpredictable Life, the spot aims to depict the numerous joys and challenges that we encounter through our lives, and articulate that the Honda Jazz car is engineered to cope with these changing demands”.

Creative Review goes on to say that the ” TV ad is accompanied by an iPhone app, which contains one particularly striking innovation – the ability for users to ‘grab’ characters from the TV screen (or computer, depending on where you are watching the ad) by swiping the iPhone at it, Nintendo Wii-style. The characters can then be interacted with – for example, a space monkey character can be made to dance by singing into your phone”.