April 25, 2013

Art, Copy & Code for a new way of storytelling

For the full inspiring story and great examples of 21st century marketing go here http://www.artcopycode.com

Google “Art, Copy & Code: Dynamic Film Case Study” from Ben Hughes on Vimeo.

April 12, 2013

Heineken Ignite

Welcome to the first “interactive beer bottle.” Revealed at Milan Design Week, the Heineken Ignite is a beer bottle replete with LEDs and motion sensors, which let it light up with various effects when you knock bottles to say cheers with someone or take a drink. The LEDs can even apparently be remotely activated by a light source and synchronized with music. via www.engadget.com

April 3, 2013

Secret Place

With more people spending time online we are seeing production values increase to deliver incredible branded experiences. Perrier has created a lavish, immersive game experience that allows the visitor to explore from the point of view of various characters of a story. With the chance to win a trip to one of the biggest party cities in the world, from Ibiza to Rio.