December 19, 2013

The writing’s on the wall

Ad agency BETC Paris faced a dilemma when it decided to locate its new headquarters in a building that had been abandoned since 2004, but also happened to be a mecca for street artists from around the world. The solution is Graffiti Général, an immersive 3-D digital tour of the Magasins Généraux as it stood on the eve of destruction, including detailed information on over 40 of the artworks and artists. It is the biggest building surface ever modeled in WebGL, but also offers a wide-open experience allowing you to stroll around the place as if you were actually there. via Fastcocreate

December 5, 2013

Play the Road

In the latest Volkswagen GTI campaign, a unique collaboration with electronic musicians Underworld gives drivers a new experience and a new way to make music. Using a mobile app the way you drive the car actually creates the music. You will never hear the same song twice.