March 17, 2010

Advertising in the Internet of Things

There is a lot of talk about the Internet of things. In this video we see how even the simplest devices like an alarm clock can communicate with other “things” so you get up soon enough to defrost your car. It all sounds like science fiction but it probably isn’t too far into the future.

So if the world around you can think for you – that is going to leave you with a lot of time on your hands. You’ll have more time to entertain yourself, go shopping or think about your next holiday. In a world where everything is connected advertising could be so targeted that it knows what you need before you do. No doubt our clothes will be connected to the internet too and can tell if you are coming down with a fever. Would your doctor automatically send you the right medicine? Or will you be confronted with a series of ads for cold treatments when you look at your connected screen? Would choice even come into it? Maybe, behind the scenes, various brands have been informed you are coming down with a cold and they will bid to be the product you’re presented with? They will have all the access to your data to see if you are worth bidding for. Income, how often you and your family get sick and so on.

The internet has already changed so many industries, for better or worse. Advertising has already changed dramatically. The internet of things will accelerate everything even faster. Rather than wait for it to happen advertising agencies should already be looking to this new world and trying to figure out how they fit into it. Some are starting to rethink the old advertising model (even online advertising needs a rethink). It is going to be fascinating to see what happens.

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  1. March 17, 2010
    Tal Eizenberg said...

    Excellent Internet of Things movie from IBM.
    I also published it yesterday at my Twitter page (Precyse)

  2. March 17, 2010
    dave tribbett said...

    Good post! Here is a link to a series of posts relating to this topic: the Internet of Things as well as the Information Shadow left behind. I thought there was still a problem with the cost of RFID, has it actually become cheaper? Hitachi recently released RFID Powder, very cool and very small.

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