September 27, 2010

This is iAd

Apple’s iAd isn’t news but we’ve yet to see many really good examples of it in action. It will be a while before marketers put it on their list of media choices for any given campaign. In terms of creating iAds the same thought process will go into them as any other medium. You need a great idea that is relevant for the target and creatively executed so you get the results you want.

As reported on the We are Magnetic blog, Razorfish – Emerging Experiences have “started the ball rolling with their work for JCPenney. The highly interactive ad shows us some of the possibilities of what really engaging mobile advertising can become. In this ad Razorfish show us the potential of creating a mobile experience that holds the attention, engages the scenes and, along the way, allows the viewer to purchase the odd item or two”.

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