April 28, 2009

We’ve got your back… side

squatAn interesting article in Adweek talks about the struggle branded iPhone applications are having to grab attention is the midst of so many other apps. One of the few to have succeeded is Zippo. To quote from the article “last October they came out with a branded iPhone application that features a simple lighter on the screen. Since its introduction, the Virtual Zippo Lighter has been downloaded 3 million times, making it the most popular brand application on the iPhone platform”.

Other brands are trying another route. Rather than create a new app Proctor and Gamble approached an existing app to be their sponsor. Sit or Squat is an app that helps users find clean toilets. A perfect fit for their Charmin brand of toilet paper. As one of their spokesmen said “We’re not in the business of creating iPhone applications, we’re in the business of toilet paper.”

Just a thought. What if the app helps you find a toilet but there’s no paper? That would wipe the smile off P&G’s face.

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