February 1, 2011

Honda’s Unpredictable Life

You know that apps have gone mainstream when they are integrated this well into an ad campaign. As reported in Creative Review, “Wieden + Kennedy London has created a stunning new animated ad to advertise the new, improved Honda Jazz car.┬áTitled This Unpredictable Life, the spot aims to depict the numerous joys and challenges that we encounter through our lives, and articulate that the Honda Jazz car is engineered to cope with these changing demands”.

Creative Review goes on to say that the ” TV ad is accompanied by an iPhone app, which contains one particularly striking innovation – the ability for users to ‘grab’ characters from the TV screen (or computer, depending on where you are watching the ad) by swiping the iPhone at it, Nintendo Wii-style. The characters can then be interacted with – for example, a space monkey character can be made to dance by singing into your phone”.

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