June 29, 2009


osocio-hospital-health_thumbIf there is one thing more tiring than judging awards it’s going through the long list of winners. Maybe I’ve been following too many award ceremonies and I’m all awarded out. Just been going through all the Cannes winners. There is a little debate about the Cyber Lions Grand Prix win for Best Job in the World. Did it really push the boundaries of digital? Certainly the other Grand Prix winners did. As for the Golds, Silvers and Bronzes it has been a case of usual suspects. Hotel 626, Wario Land Shake It, Whopper Sacrifice, Sprint Now… The Cannes site does a good job of showcasing the winners and once I get over my overdose I’ll be coming back for inspiration.

Meanwhile over in less glamorous circles we have the Revolution Magazine Innovation Awards at the less sunny location of Grosvenor House, London. Well, actually it was a couple of months earlier but took this long for anyone to notice. In their own words…  “For 12 years Revolution magazine has presented the digital marketing world in common sense marketing terms, encouraging exploration, discovery and motivation by marketing teams. Throughout that time the Revolution Awards have consistently celebrated excellence, effectiveness and innovation”.

Now, to be fair they had a great panel of judges and the results show a broader view of what is great digital marketing. Check the winners here. At a recent event, Simon Pestridge of Nike – Revolution’s Digital Marketer of the Year, explained what innovation meant to him. You can read the article here but he said that “The biggest challenge is the pressure we put on ourselves to push the boundaries of what’s possible whilst not going off too far into left field! What’s happening today that we can effect? What is going to happen in the future that we can watch out for? The product team is constantly looking to the future and asking themselves questions like: ‘How can we create products that will help Wayne Rooney be the best in the world?’ We know the product team will deliver us great innovation. Our job is to then do it justice and ensure we engage the consumer in an equally innovative way that cuts through the clutter that surrounds them”.

Congratulations to all the winners this year. You’ve sent the standards and helped push the industry further. Now pass me the Asprin – my brain hurts.

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