October 23, 2009

Apps take the lead

As reported in AdAge, “Volkswagen of America is launching the newest-generation GTI exclusively on an iPhone app, a cost-efficient approach the automaker said is a first for the industry” You can read the full article here but to sum up:

VW spent $60 million to launch the GTi in 2006 – this time they are spending $500,000.

Volkswagen licensed the game from Australian developer Firemint, so as well as saving millions be choosing a mobile platform over a 30-second TV spot they save costs by licensing an existing game.

VW is the first to do this and that means huge PR value.

To read a review of the app itself head over to the ADLAB blog.

It will be interesting to see how this works out for VW. Brands have had varying degrees of success with apps but nobody has put all their eggs in one digital basket like this. Good luck.

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