November 30, 2009

Week of Tweets #1

One thing that is a shame about Twitter is its fleeting nature. Miss your tweets for a few hours and you may have missed something really interesting. I thought that I would sum up the most interesting of my own tweets from the past week. Hopefully you are following me at But if you’re not this is what you missed…

Laughing (and cringing) at some comments from the CLIENTS FROM HELL blog

  • This one went around a few times. Everyone working in advertising or design can recognise some of these stories. Wonder if our clients have set up their own AGENCIES FROM HELL blog?

Don’t Call Me A Social Media Guy – great blog post from Rohit Bhargava

  • Rohit writes some excellent blog posts and this one was retweeted many times. He says “I happen to believe that the future of marketing is increasingly going to require some level of knowledge and expertise in social media. But it’s not the only thing”. Worth reading.

Agencies frown now RT @edwardboches: Old ad pros win Peparami (Unliver’s) crowdsourcing competition,

  • What’s interesting is that even though the brief was opened to the world it was a very experience advertising team that won the pitch. But ideas are just the beginning. Will they now crowdsource the production? Just remember… a camel is a horse designed by committee. Or something like that.

Food for thought RT @WundermanUK: The same rules of engagement still apply, Lester Wunderman’s theories still ring true:

  • Many digital experts want to throw out everything from the past and focus on new paradigms. While that may work in some cases it is good to learn from the past. So much of what went into the “old” thinking of DM and advertising is valid today. Technology has changed but human nature is basically the same.

RT @BBHLabs: “Digital is so yesterday – consumers crave real-world & virtual interactions”

  • So we’re already talking about a post-digital world. I think it makes sense. In a world where technical marvels are greeted with a yawn, people seems to get excited by real-world spectacles. The Nike chalkbot wrote real messages on the road during the Tour de France. That excited people. Before it was messages written on a virtual wall that turned people on. Digital and physical need to work together.

Fascinating. Nokia focuses on the future – how the mobile giant plans to move ahead

  • Nokia must be feeling the pain with iPhone and Android getting so much attention. In some ways it is like Sony missing out to the iPod revolution. But don’t write off Nokia yet. Up in Finland they are cooking up the future.

Thanks #TweetCloud for not warning me that you would spam all my followers to say I’ve been on your site 🙁 Not cool.

  • I’ve really tried to avoid any Twitter apps that spam my followers (Mafia Family anyone?) but I thought it would be interesting to try this out. Well I tried a few different variations and found that each one Tweeted the results. I hate that. Anyway, below is my cloud from the past 6 months.

Until next week…


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