December 8, 2009

Week of Tweets #2

Another week another flood of useful information streaming through Twitter. You could spend your whole time monitoring what’s being tweeted. These people who follow thousands of people – how do they do it? Well here are the best of the tweets I made week beginning Nov 30th…

Nice RT @tomgooday: RT @adreviews The Sun’s highly entertaining parody of Apple’s ads captures just the right tone

  • The Sun is a horrible British newspaper but with this video they made tries to hit back at the digitalisation of media. Reminds me of a campaign I developed for Parker pens a few years ago where I said it was the original handheld device.

Clicktags? RT @adage: Why Some Brand Taglines are Better Suited for Interactivity:

  • An interesting article by Calle and Pelle Sjoenell that looks at the power of copy and how some tag lines encourage more interaction than others.

Great read RT @ChristianMezofi: Why Digital Swedes Are Moving Away From Advertising. Written by Patrick Gardner –

  • Another good article on AdAge… “That Sweden knows a thing or two about digital advertising isn’t news to most Mad Men these days. At Cannes you can hardly swing a cyber Lion without hitting at least one Swede. If you have a Lion to swing, that is — the Swede will probably be the one holding it in the first place. But the fact Swedes now contribute a surprising share of the world’s most innovative advertising belies a deeper truth, one slowly being revealed by accelerating digitization and continued success. The truth is: Most Swedish digital advertising leaders don’t actually care all that much about advertising”.

‘What is worth fighting for?’ Avatar the Game – great Wired story behind its development –

  • Ever wondered how movie tie-in games are developed? This gives great insight…

Can you do better than these? If so upload yours RT @bannerblog: 2009 Agency & Client Xmas Cards

  • Every agency goes through hell trying to find the right end of year message. Bannerblog are gathering some of the best ones. Great if you have run out of ideas.

RT @LesBenito: 10 Web trends to watch in 2010 –

  • No doubt there will be a few more trends to watch before the end of January. But this is a good place to start…

Truth hurts RT @adamcoomes: Hahaha. Putting a tag cloud on a customer support forum is a bad idea.

  • This made me laugh. Someone thought it would be great to pull out the most common words on a customer forum. Too bad they were so negative.

Great read… The Communications Pro of the Future (2010 Edition) in 4 parts – by John Bell

  • A lot of great thinking distilled into a series of articles. Worth taking the time to read (I know how hard reading anything longer than 140 characters has become)!

It’s great to try new ideas….. or is it? RT @untitledlondon: Tweet Fail

  • Just for laughs…


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