January 5, 2010

Happy Digital New year

As we end a decade that has seen incredible progress in all things digital many people are speculating what 2010 holds for interactive advertising.

In AdWeek they looked at the top digital trends for 2010.

One interesting thought is that the pure digital agency will disappear. Many have clearly seen the need to improve their skills in brand building – one thing that “traditional” agencies have long been experienced at. Meanwhile these traditional agencies have been hiring experienced digital experts taking away the main selling point of pure digital shops. Ultimately the debate comes down to who provides the best ideas to clients. In a world of crowd-sourcing any agency should be worried about the independents who could bypass everyone.

Social gaming is mentioned by AdWeek as being one thing to watch. With companies like FourSquare providing location-based marketing platforms we are likely to see this take off. This is especially true with the growth in the number of smart mobile devices. It’s one of the reasons why they also suggest that 2010 will finally be the year of mobile.

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At AdAge, with the help of Millward Brown, they have also been looking into the crystal ball to predict what 2010 holds for digital.

They suggest that many new online ad formats will appear in an attempt to capture more eyeballs and clicks. However, many people will be cautious and stick to the most trusted formats such as video banners. On the whole, they say that online video will continue to thrive and will move from art to science thanks to more sophisticated analytics. They do have a word of caution suggesting that “advertisers need to be sure they aren’t using technology just because they can: It will only be effective when it is relevant to the brand or the message”.
AdAge agree with AdWeek that social (and mobile gaming) will be a hot topic. Twitter and Facebook can now be accessed from an Xbox console while games for the iPhone or other smart phones will “bring gaming to the masses”. GPS-enabled phones open up interesting possibilities and brands will be vying for their share of this new opportunity.

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For my own part, I see Google as being (still) the ones to watch in 2010. The release of Google Goggles for Android could open up new possibilities while the potential launch of a Google phone could mean that smart phones get into the hands of a huge number of people. We could see a repeat of what happened when Microsoft took many of Apple’s developments in the mid 80s and allowed the masses into the world of computing.

The possibilities for advertising and marketing will continue to grow in 2010. As digital trends become the norm, brands will be able to reach people in ways that were not possible before. Messages can be more targeted, relevent and effective.

Have a happy digital New Year!

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