January 18, 2010

Nike True City

On January 14th, Nike Sportswear released True City, an “iPhone application that provides users with a unique insight into six European cities, making the hidden visible through the knowledge and insight of Nike Insiders—local tastemakers who pride themselves on being at the forefront of things happenings in their cities”. According to Nike “True City is not just another digital guidebook application. Itʼs a powerful combination of premium, geo-tagged content, the latest iPhone technologies, and social media integration—updated in real-time by real people. All with Nikeʼs unmistakable irreverence”.

I’ve been playing around with it for the past few days and so far find it a little processor-intensive. I like the idea of hand-picked locals recommending the best places to go. How it ties in with sportswear is a bit hard to reconcile. Then again, go into most Nike stores and the majority of people shopping for shoes will be raising a sweat in a nightclub rather than a gym. Looking forward to seeing how the app evolves over time. Maybe geo-location branded apps like these will gain more followers than the likes of Foursquare. Download the app here http://bit.ly/5TeLVM

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