December 11, 2009


The starting point of this blog was to make a parallel between the traditional learnings of advertising/marketing (as laid out by David Ogilvy in his book) and today’s digital, data-driven, user-generated, real-time, new media world. To make life easier I am collecting together on this page the chapter by chapter posts I’ve made covering the book Confessions of an Advertising Man…

Chapter 1 – Cooking up the perfect digital agency

Chapter 2 – How to get clients in a digital age

Chapter 3 – How to keep (digital) clients

Chapter 4 – How to be a good (digital) client

Chapter 5 – How to build great (digital) campaigns

Chapter 6 – How to write potent web copy

Chapter 7 – Art direction and digital (How to illustrate advertisements and posters)

Chapter 8 – Making great online videos

Chapter 9 – How to make good (digital) campaigns for food, tourism and pharmaceuticals.

Chapter 10 – How to rise to the top of the tree

Chapter 11 – Should advertising be abolished?

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