December 4, 2011

Euro rising

While things in the European economy are looking extremely dodgy the advertising awards season in Europe keeps rocking like there’s nothing wrong. This past week saw both the Epica and Eurobest awards. Let’s look at some of the highlights…

EPICA d’Or for Interactive went to Jung von Matt in Stockholm for the Mini Getaway. I recently met the guys from Monterosa, the mobile agency that the agency tasked to make this happen. So instead of showing the old video here is a new one about the next Mini Getaway in Tokyo (it’s in Japanese just to annoy you all).

There was a GOLD in the web category for Lowe Brindfors and thei Magnum Ice Cream “Pleasure Hunt”. The internet is a place where all kind of pleasures exists. They wanted to build a light-hearted story in which Magnums new ice cream came out as superior to everything else out there: Internet’s ultimate pleasure. The mechanic was inspired by something that has engaged and united people for decades: classic platform games. But this time with a totally different platform: the Internet. The user controlled a young woman literally running trough the Internet collecting the ingredients for her ultimate pleasure, the Magnum Temptation. Below is a making of video.

Another GOLD, this time for branded content in social networks went to Forsman & Bodenfors for the REEBOK Promise Keeper. It was the first online running application (website,
iPhone/iPad-app and Android app) that would actually get you out and run. Every run you
promised to make in your online calendar was automatically posted on the social network of your
choice and spread to all of your friends. They would also be notified about whether you ran or
not. Every update was personal and became a direct message that spawned conversation.
Everything was built on the insight that a promise to everyone you know is more important than a
promise only to yourself.

Let’s head over to the Eurobest Awards and see who triumphed there.
The Grand Prix went to Hypernaked for Nokia. In this joint promotion with Burton, Push Snowboarding introduced a new way of marketing. Rather than simply telling people about Nokia’s most powerful smartphone, they developed a piece of new technology to show people it’s power. Using the smartphone at the core, they developed technology that could take snowboarding to its next stage by developing wearable sensors that bluetoothed simultaneously to the N8, giving snowboarders live tracking of their ride: speed, airtime and even fear.

Gold went to Tribal DDB Amsterdam for their latest Philips Obsessed with Sound campaign. To demonstrate that Philips is ‘Obsessed with sound’ and claim that you can hear every detail with the brand’s audio products, they created a unique interactive music video. They collaborated with the Grammy Award-winning Metropole Orchestra and recorded a specially composed music piece entitled “I’m No Prototype”- in 55 separate music tracks. On the site, viewers could experience the music video as a whole, played by the entire orchestra, and were invited to single out each musician to hear every detail.

Another Gold went to SapientNitro London for Foot Locker
Sneakerpedia was not only the world’s largest sneaker archiving project and the first ever visual-wiki, it wasdigital solution specifically designed to connect sneaker fans, enabling them to share, discuss, follow and help shape future sneaker trends.

Not every great project wins Gold. A Silver went to FORSMAN & BODENFORS for AMF. They knew that pension savings was boring but the future was exciting to people. Also, if you got a sudden message from a company, you were not very interested but if you got a message from a friend, you usually were. By offering people to send messages to their friends or colleagues that couldn’t be opened by the recipient until the year 2030, both the sender and the recipients would start to think about how life will be 20 years from now. And with a rising interest for the future, they would eventually have a rising interest on their pension.


Maybe we should have an advertising Olympics. See which countries would come out on top in digital. From looking at these winners the Europeans would give the rest of the world a run for their money.

November 23, 2011

Augment your energy

Lucozade Energy has launched The YES List – featuring seven limited edition bottles designed by some of the UK’s hottest music artists – using Augmented Reality via a mobile app.

Working closely with Aurasma, agency Billington Cartmell exploited an innovative feature of the technology, cylindrical mapping, where the Aurasma app’s interface recognises the 3D surface of the bottle and augments it with exclusive video content – an industry first. Once a smartphone equipped with the app is pointed at Plan B or Tinie Tempah’s limited edition bottle the design suddenly springs to life with the artist themselves directing fans to watch the ‘making of’ documentary with a simple touch of the screen.

May 21, 2011

CLIO Interactive winners

The awards season rolls onwards, this time with the CLIOS. Only a month until the Cannes craziness commences. But for now let’s look at what the CLIOS juries chose to get gold, silver, bronze and more…

Vail EpicMix: Crispin Porter + Bogusky

How do you transform the skiing experience using mobile technology (and win a gold at the CLIOS)? Here’s how…

IKEA -Homemade is best: Forsman & Bodenfors

As well as winning gold for the interactive campaign that supported the amazing Homemade is best cookbooks they also won silver for the Kondis app that was part of the same campaign. They showed you some delicious cake recipes but you had to earn them by running a certain distance. The app told you when you had run far enough.

SOUR/MIRROR: Masashi + Qanta + Saqoosha + Hiroki

This interactive music video looks a bit painful to get going but once it does the results are pretty amazing. This won a silver.

Streetmuseum: Brothers and Sisters

A bronze award went to this amazing app for The Museum of London that overlayed photos of the old city onto the current view seen through your iPhone.

And the Grand Clio goes to…

Wilderness Downtown: Google Creative Lab and B-Reel

I think everyone has seen this by now but it’s worth looking at the making of to see how you can still be truly innovative in digital today. Congratulations guys (and great song too).

May 6, 2011

Month of Tweets # 4

April was a month of Easter Eggs, Royal Weddings and other equally forgettable things. But so as not to forget some of the cool things I tweeted last month here is a round up of the best…

Very cool… RT @adenhepburn: New Digital Buzz Post: Xbox Kinect: Become Your Own Souvenir!

  • I love Kinect hacks and 3D printing so put them together and I am in digital heaven!

Sweet… RT @PeteFyfe: This is quite smart. 3D projection mapping on a small scale for Vodafone:

  • We are seeing more innovative uses of 3D projection mapping being the big brashy building projections being watched by pretty agency girls. This one is very cool.


Gaming for a good cause – some great examples. RT @simonmainwaring: Zynga: How the virtual world can save the real world.

  • We all know how casual gaming is a huge market and this article shows how this audience has a heart as well as spare time to waste growing virtual cabbages and such.

Interesting stuff… RT @ktroia: Razorfish5: Technologies That Will Change The Business of Brands

  • I don’t mind plugging other agencies as long as they are sharing great articles like this one…

Ads that analyze and target you personally – interesting article on CNN

  • Immersive Labs have developed a system where your computer analyses your face to target ads just for you. Will this take off or will people think this is taking things too far?

Everyone copies, Apple included. It’s how you do it that matters – article on The Telegraph UK

  • With Apple likely to be the most valuable company on the planet before too long it is interesting to read how they didn’t get there by being original – just by copying better than anyone else.

I like… RT @ThePersuader: Brilliant use of #RFID helps #Renaultbring Facebook ‘Likes’ to life [Video]. Love it!

  • In the future we will probably all be “liking” things in the real world by swiping our mobile phones. Is this a taste of what’s to come or just a gimmick?

Very cool… Nike Software Turns Runners’ Footsteps Into Loopy, Swooshy Paintings – on FastCo Design

  • This kind of project really excites me even though I know that it would only appeal to a limited audience. But who cares? it’s looks fantastic.

They shoot they score… RT @contagiousmag: Heineken hits the back of the net with the launch of Star Player from @AKQA

  • Could this be the future of an different kind of interactive TV experience?

I usually end with a smile but thought I’d buck the trend with this sad tale of a fantastic agency that has closed its doors due to some unfortunate circumstances. Thanks for inspiring us Modernista!

Sad story… RT @Adweek: The rise and fall of Modernista.

February 1, 2011

Honda’s Unpredictable Life

You know that apps have gone mainstream when they are integrated this well into an ad campaign. As reported in Creative Review, “Wieden + Kennedy London has created a stunning new animated ad to advertise the new, improved Honda Jazz car. Titled This Unpredictable Life, the spot aims to depict the numerous joys and challenges that we encounter through our lives, and articulate that the Honda Jazz car is engineered to cope with these changing demands”.

Creative Review goes on to say that the ” TV ad is accompanied by an iPhone app, which contains one particularly striking innovation – the ability for users to ‘grab’ characters from the TV screen (or computer, depending on where you are watching the ad) by swiping the iPhone at it, Nintendo Wii-style. The characters can then be interacted with – for example, a space monkey character can be made to dance by singing into your phone”.

November 2, 2010

Mini Getaway

Great promotional campaign running right now in Stockholm for Mini using a location-based mobile app to get people chasing each other to win a real car. Via Bas on Blogilvy

September 14, 2010

Books for the app generation

Stephen Fry always surprised me by his fascination with technology. Perhaps it’s the way he talks in that Dickensian way that puts him more in the 19th century rather than the 21st. But he gushes on his blog about Apple products like he’s Steve Jobs boyfriend and has more Twitter followers than Kanye West.

When it came to publishing his biography he also wanted to give it a touch of geekiness and he has done this with the app version. This interactive iPhone app lets users read his new book The Fry Chronicles using an innovative pinwheel. It uses “visual indexing” to let you read the book in an non-linear fashion. This gives you the freedom to pull together different threads from the book to read, such as people he has worked with (Hugh Laurie, Rowan Atkinson, Ben Elton) and themes in his life (addictions, Cambridge University, Blackadder, depression).

The app’s description says: “myFry takes the traditional art of the index, plugs it into the mains and brings it twitchingly to life for the 21st century.”

Will this pave the way for publishing in the hyperactive, attention-deficient world we now live in?

June 16, 2010

AR loves NY

Augmented Reality is becoming more mainstream. This time it is Time Out New York that presents their Augmented Reality Bar Guide. On their site they announce that “Time Out New York has partnered with junaio, the augmented reality browser, to create the first-ever mobile summer-drinking guide. With just a smartphone, you can unlock summer drink specials around town—just by pointing your phone”. Check it out here.

June 11, 2010

Times change

Pretty amazing demo of the new Time magazine for iPad. Nobody will ever be able to say they are “relaxing with a magazine”. It all looks exhausting!

May 7, 2010

Week of Tweets #12

It’s been a bit quiet for me on the Twitter front in between Queen’s Day in Amsterdam, other public holidays and interesting projects to distract me. But here are some of the most interesting things that have been tweeted by me these past couple of weeks…

Cool idea for promos – RT @simonmainwaring: Coke cans as the new media channel: use barcodes to upload content.

  • Right now, somewhere in an agency, someone is working on a campaign using this technology…. or not. Interesting concept but yet to see if it is something that will captivate an audience. See a review below.

Good report… RT @OgilvyWW: Missed opportunities with iPad advertising says Ogilvy Digital Labs

  • Get the latest on who’s doing what for the iPad and why they could do better. Below is one of the videos featured in the article.

Nice RT @ericphu: I think this is the most succinct summary of the impact of the internet on advertising I’ve seen…

RT @intersphere Are small agencies changing the game? Independent agencies vs 4As – From client marketers’ POV

  • Should large agencies be worried? I should think so! In this article Rayana Pandey in Singapore says that “Marketers agree on the same thing: smaller agencies tend to be more agile and reactive, more focused on driving BTL activities with big ideas that have potential for ATL campaigns and are generally well rounded and creative”.

RT @BBHLabs: A painfully brilliant *must-read* – @MarkFairbanks on the ad industry and 5 stages of post digital grief:

  • Great article about the reactions of people to the idea that to “maximize the potential of digital media, traditional agencies must be willing to restructure the venerated copywriter/art director team”.

Amazing… RT @BenShaw: Stunning looking iPhone game – eBoy FixPix

OK, as a game it is pretty mindless but it looks very cool. If you’ve been a fan of pixel art then you’ll need this app when it comes out.

…and one last interesting innovation from Dutch agency THEY

Great idea… RT @Schwartzie14: Radio goes digital and interactive –