November 14, 2010

Week (or a month rather) of tweets #20

OK, I have a good excuse for not updating my blog with the best of my recent tweets. I did move to China which to be honest does sound as bad as “the dog ate my homework”. It does give me a lot of tweets to choose from so hopefully this summary will be a good one…

Wow RT @brainpicker: A highly unusual yet utterly inspirational move – #TED awards annual $100K prize to street artist JR

  • Yes, this isn’t very digital but it really is inspired me to see how someone can use his creative skills to say something meaningful.

Clever idea… NYTimes: Ads That Let You Check In at Your Favorite Billboard

  • We are seeing more and more examples of physical and digital coming together whether it’s Facebook or Foursquare appearing on billboards. Ultimately it’s all about one seamless user experience.

Art for the app generation… RT @intersphere: Augmented reality artwork invades the MOMA in NYC

  • Yes they look stupid but it is art after all.

Great article…RT @thisismolotov: Turning Branded Contests Into Branded Content

  • Some really great examples in this blog post from Mitch Joel. He says “Social Media does many cool and interesting things when it comes to content, but it’s also an incredible driver for contests. This often forgotten medium is in desperate need of rejuvenation, and all of the moving parts are now available through both online and mobile channels to make it happen”. As someone who started his career doing promotional campaigns I love to see examples of branded contests that really engage people online, via mobile etc.

Game on… RT @GaryPHayes: Urban Gaming – Augmented Reality Style « The Future Digital Life

More Muji magic with a range of iPad apps – check them out – via @chloalo

  • When a brand like Muji applies its design philosophy to a range of branded apps for the iPad you can only expect something wonderful. Click here to see the whole range.

Media surfaces: Incidental Media… Fascinating ideas from Dentsu & Berg.

  • This is “the first of two video sketches illustrating some of the ideas and principles behind Dentsu London’s communications strategy Making Future Magic”

Cool! RT @edwardboches: The art of social media: Goodby, Silverstein idea for the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg

  • Some amazing examples of how museums and galleries are harnessing “new media” to attract people to visit more and to deliver a fresh experience. Just love the Hipstamatic Dali concept.

Incredible project – check the making of… RT @nickburcher: Ralph Lauren 4D Projection London, New Bond Street

  • We are seeing more and more 3D projection mapping projects these days from buildings to cars and shoes. But this making-of video shows how ambitious and complex some of these projects are becoming. Amazing result too.

and just to end with a smile…. or a grimace:

Finally, something more annoying than mime artists 🙂 Watch out for another T-Mobile flash mob

March 11, 2010

Week of Tweets # 9

Another week, another bunch of Tweets cherry picked from the past week or so…

RT @LBiLondon: Digital world’s top thinkers share their visions of the future with the BBC from 8 to 19 March

  • No idea why I wasn’t invited but go check out speakers such as Martha Lane Fox, Steve Ballmer, Eric Schmidt, Jimmy Wales, and others.

Great collection RT @pyesawichjr: RT @RGA: 15 amazing interactive installations:

  • Digital is escaping the confines of devices and being used for amazing effect by artists in public spaces.

RT @Adverplanner: Bank Run: iPhone App extends into Interactive Movie – control the outcome through your phone

  • Interesting project that combines on screen video and an app. A taste of future TV?

Interesting read RT @Razorfish: Digital agencies embrace business reinvention

  • Agencies like Razorfish and R/GA are  now able to “move up the ladder with clients while developing a track record for delivering technology to advance businesses. The ideal is a client that invites shops in to craft a plan to take advantage of digital technology to move the business in a new direction”.


Inspiring people. The 2010 Creativity 50 – I’m not on the list and neither are you – but check it out.

  • Great people, amazing stories – get inspired by Alex Bogusky, James Cameron, David Droga, Michael Lebowitz and more.

Great story RT @wired: 10 Years After: Wired mag takes a look back at the dotcom boom and bust

  • It was tough at the time but it had to happen. The web has grown up a lot since.

RT @ChristianHughes: RT @contagiousmag: Google’s Tom Uglow’s presentation from The Future of Advertising event

  • Very inspirational presentation. Below is just one clip you’ll find there.

and finally…

Do the Cannes Cyberlions have their own version of the Razzies? This would win big time –

January 13, 2010

CES for advertisers

lasvegas_sign1At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this past week we’ve seen many interesting products that have generated lost of excitement. What will these new devices mean for advertisers and marketers? Any new technology opens up new opportunities to connect brands with consumers. Let’s take a look at a few…

3D TV – the true goggle box?

The biggest buzz at this year’s event was 3D. With the massive success of the movie Avatar everyone wants a piece of the 3D pie. Many manufacturers presented 3D TVs and once the technology becomes more widespread we’ll begin seeing 3D advertising too. AdAge have provided some expert opinions about the need to create a 3D ad and suggests that advertisers producing spots for cinema should definitely be looking into the technique. Read the article here >

No doubt some of the big brands like Coke are already developing 3D ads for cinema screens. Will this 3D craze last? Does the technology add to a movie (or TV show)? Personally, after seeing Avatar in 3D I wished I had seen it in 2D. The colours were muted and the movement become blurred at times. What do you think? Leave your comment.

Is that an App on your TV?

The big screen in your living room continues to make a comeback with internet-connected televisions being another big development. Samsung and LG were just two manufacturers presenting web-enabled TVs. Already we see companies like Yahoo! providing apps designed specifically for the TV screen. Just like with the iPhone, we will soon see branded apps appearing on the bottom of the screen allowing brands to enhance standard 30 second TV spots and inviting consumers to interact. People don’t want to surf ordinary websites from their sofa so apps will provide a simpler way to bring online content and interactivity into the living room. Find out more >

Perhaps we will see a time when very few people go to what we know as a website. Apps provided bite-sized interaction. In the same way that Twitter is to blogs so apps will be the “websites” for the attention-deficient.

Future in your hands

It all started with the success of the Kindle and the rumor that Apple would release a tablet device. Now we see many companies such as HP and Lenovo presenting prototypes of slim devices that read e-books and other media. These could soon become commonplace on coffee tables everywhere. CNET doubts that the technology will take off quickly (read article) but it’s worth keeping these devices on the radar. With 3G connectivity and great portability plus GPS in some cases, advertisers will be able to reach consumers in a relevant and timely way. Want to read the news while waiting for a plane? The duty free shop nearby could alert you to special offers. We’ll see more e-books as branded premiums, especially in the business market. Some say it will save the publishing industry. That’s good news for advertisers too.

A simple gesture

Companies like GestureTek are pushing the use of motion sensors to do away with manual input. It opens up amazing possibilities for retail displays where you just wave a hand to interact. Soon everyone can be like Tom Cruise in Minority Report, browsing products with the flick of a finger. Check out this article on NYTimes > Gesture technology will be built into TVs before too long so interacting with branded apps on your TV screen will be even easier. A swipe off the screen could send your favourite brands to your slate for later enjoyment. Just like in Pixars Wall-e, we can just lie back getting fat and just wave our hands.

The internet has radically changed the advertising world in just 15 years. Will any of these developments do the same? Let’s wait and see.

April 28, 2009

We’ve got your back… side

squatAn interesting article in Adweek talks about the struggle branded iPhone applications are having to grab attention is the midst of so many other apps. One of the few to have succeeded is Zippo. To quote from the article “last October they came out with a branded iPhone application that features a simple lighter on the screen. Since its introduction, the Virtual Zippo Lighter has been downloaded 3 million times, making it the most popular brand application on the iPhone platform”.

Other brands are trying another route. Rather than create a new app Proctor and Gamble approached an existing app to be their sponsor. Sit or Squat is an app that helps users find clean toilets. A perfect fit for their Charmin brand of toilet paper. As one of their spokesmen said “We’re not in the business of creating iPhone applications, we’re in the business of toilet paper.”

Just a thought. What if the app helps you find a toilet but there’s no paper? That would wipe the smile off P&G’s face.

Read the article here >

April 20, 2009

Don’t say “appvertising”. Just shut up and drive.


I’ve started reviewing branded iPhone apps on my Twitter account but ones that deserve more attention will get a mention here. The one developed for the BMW Z4 campaign is very well thought out. It ties in perfectly with the campaign and includes a “making-of” from the film and the possibility to create your own artwork with a game where you tilt the iPhone to steer the car. Although BMW has a history of collaborating with artists I find the artwork a little too close in spirit to Martina Navratilova’s tennis ball paintings.  Not that she puts much thought into her creativity – reminds me a little of the painting elephant. Anyway, there is a full version of the app promised soon. Look forward to seeing where they take it next. The BMW UK site also has an interesting augmented reality game but unfortunately this only works on PC.

Here is a link to the app. Not sure if it is available in all iTunes stores…

I’ve already seen people using the word Appvertising. Even though I can’t stand these made up words I’m sure I’m going to have to use it in a client presentation soon. It’s up there with webvertising and advertainment. I’m cringing as I write.