November 23, 2011

Augment your energy

Lucozade Energy has launched The YES List – featuring seven limited edition bottles designed by some of the UK’s hottest music artists – using Augmented Reality via a mobile app.

Working closely with Aurasma, agency Billington Cartmell exploited an innovative feature of the technology, cylindrical mapping, where the Aurasma app’s interface recognises the 3D surface of the bottle and augments it with exclusive video content – an industry first. Once a smartphone equipped with the app is pointed at Plan B or Tinie Tempah’s limited edition bottle the design suddenly springs to life with the artist themselves directing fans to watch the ‘making of’ documentary with a simple touch of the screen.

August 18, 2011

Augmented everything

Cadbury in the UK is helping to launch blippar, an app which allows smartphone users to play games using augmented reality

As part of its Spots vs Stripes Olympics-themed campaign users can play an AR game just by pointing their phone at a pack. With ‘Qwak Smack’, when they point the phone at a Cadbury chocolate bar you see an instruction screen then once the game launches players tap quacking cartoon ducks as they appear ‘out of the bar’ on an augmented-overlay on their smartphone screen. They can submit their score to go into to a prize draw.

via Creativity Online

May 16, 2011

Play dress up

Kinect hacks are starting to go mainstream. Here is a virtual mirror at a TopShop store in Russia using Kinect to allow girls to dress up without queueing for changing rooms.

Kinect Fitting Room from den ivanov on Vimeo.

April 11, 2011

Month of tweets #3

The month of March slid by in a blink of an eye. Let’s take a look back at some of the things I tweeted and retweeted that are worth a second glance…

Cool YouTube takeover for Schick Hydro by JWT Sydney…

  • I’m sure these things cost a bucketload of money. Cool to look at but do they deliver results. Would love to know.

Brands do good… RT @annaloop: Kellog digital campaign: “Photograph your Breakfast & give a meal to a poor Child”

  • After Pepsi Refresh here is another example of a brand using cause marketing to attract more customers.

Looks great RT @fastcompany: Personalized iPad Magazine Zite Learns As You Read, Challenges @Flipboard in the process:

  • I’m sure we’ll see more of these as time passes. Is personalisation the way to go or will people want to be surprised by things that maybe were not for them but are new discoveries?

Mercedes-Benz: Transparent Walls – very smart idea…

  • By Ad Agency Jung von Matt in Germany. Love this kind of thing – useful, innovative and clever.

Exciting stuff… RT @fastcompany: Augmented Reality May Be the iPad 2’s Secret Killer App

  • People have been bitching about the camera on the back (and front) of the iPad 2. So it won’t replace your camera anytime soon but it could provide some other cool functions.

Adidas All In Projection Mapping in Paris. Very Cool…

  • Will we get bored of seeing this kind of thing? By the looks on the faces of the spectators we might soon be asking when it will be over.

Cool project… RT @Sergethew: Sweet car reveal by Hyundai, mixing light sculpture & interactivity –

  • Would love to do a project like this. Inspiring stuff.

If your agency can’t afford to send you to Cannes – find a creative solution…

  • The silly season is soon approaching and people are trying to find all sorts of ways to get a ticket to go. Just get a nomination and that might help.

Kraft campaign for Mac & Cheese – best tweets turned into TVCs…

  • They did it once with Old Spice guy. Why waste a good idea on one client?

As usual a little something to end with a smile…

Ashamed to say one is mine 🙁 RT @alleyinsider: The 22 Most Hilarious, Unfortunately Placed Ads Ever by @shontelaylay

March 16, 2011

Augmented Angels

Great example of digital provoking physical reactions (some a bit rude but hey it’s England). Lynx Excite generated a lot of buzz with this augmented reality angel using a digital billboard London’s Victoria station.

November 3, 2010

Catch an iButterfly

Mobile coupons are really catching on right now but trust the Japanese to make the whole experience more beautiful and whimsical. Dentsu have created iButterfly where augmented reality butterflies can be found around the country using a special iPhone app. Catch one and you’ve caught a coupon to be used nearby.

June 16, 2010

AR loves NY

Augmented Reality is becoming more mainstream. This time it is Time Out New York that presents their Augmented Reality Bar Guide. On their site they announce that “Time Out New York has partnered with junaio, the augmented reality browser, to create the first-ever mobile summer-drinking guide. With just a smartphone, you can unlock summer drink specials around town—just by pointing your phone”. Check it out here.

May 22, 2010

Week of Tweets #13

It’s so easy to miss so much on Twitter. Been in Portugal for the past 3 days for a work conference and it feels like the world has moved on without me. I need a bot to collect the Tweets I would have found interesting based on the ones I’ve clicked previously. Now there is an idea! If you’ve missed any of my Tweets from the past 2 weeks here is my selection of the best:

Toasted marshmallow? RT @mattinnewyork: Love this post by @BBHLabs Is the iPad the new campfire. a must read.

  • According to BBH Labs, “Barely an opportunity goes by for someone with an ipad to share something with me. “Check this out”. “Look at this”. “Let me show you something”. Users seem to want to show off new apps, cool new vids (and of course the device itself). I am very often drawn into the experience others are having around the iPad. We literally gather round, pull up chairs”. Is this the first communal computer?

Great work… RT @bannerblog: Shots pick theit top 20 digital campaigns. Heavy weighting towards viral….

  • These lists are always debatable. But it is always interesting to see someone elses opinion about what is best.

Word “magical” not mentioned. RT @ThinkingDigital: Interesting albeit mixed review on iPad usability from Jakob Nielsen

  • Too much on my blog about the iPad? Maybe I am just subconsciously showing how much I want one. I don’t think Steve Jobs will care much about the comments on this usability review. Then again, Apple want us to believe they create the best products. Their approval process should include sending everything to Jakob Nielsen.

Awesome. RT @heywhipple: Augmented Reality Window Display To Try On Watches Without Entering Store.

  • I came up with this idea about 5 years ago (with some friends in HK) but never got to sell it to the client. Damn it!!!

Clever clogs RT @Campaignmag: Creative lands dream job through $6 Google campaign:

  • The message was a bit lame but the thinking was great. Hope you can keep it up!

Interesting article… RT @AdweekDotCom: The Search for Creative Leadership

  • What makes for the ideal Chief Creative Officer today? According to this article, the job of CCO “requires exemplary creative work, the ability to attract talent, and a combination of traditional and digital skills. But today agencies also need execs who are as credible around clients as fellow staffers. That level of client connection — necessitated by increasingly flatter structures at agencies — requires a certain business savvy not typically associated with award winners at Cannes”. Call me, I’m open to offers!:)

As always, end on a smile…

Google ‘whisper ads’ detect keywords in phone calls – hilarious Onion video

Until next time…

April 23, 2010

Week of Tweets #11

It’s time to take a walk down memory lane again and see what’s been most interesting in my Twitter feed in the past week (more like 3 weeks).

Here they come… RT @BBHLabs: Introducing BBH’s Very First iPad App, for Cadillac – a new @BBHLabs post:

  • Only a few weeks old now and the iPad continues to get a lot of attention. This is one of the first commercial apps for the device – a partnership between Cadillac and Cool Hunting.

Just can’t get enough? RT @inspiredmag: 5 Things Depeche Mode Can Teach You About Effective Online Marketing

  • Someone challenged Brian Clark of Copyblogger if he could write an article about online marketing using a pop-music-analogy,featuring Depeche Mode songs. The result is very clever.

Great collection… RT @loopdiloop: 30 Inspirational TED Talks on Design and Creativity

  • It’s great when someone puts together pages like these that gather together a collection of inspiring videos. Below is the one from novelist Amy Tan.

Don’t wait for permission – RT @loopdiloop: The Delicate Art of Unauthorized Innovation

  • If you’re on Twitter then it is definitely worth following Loopdiloop who always finds great articles… like this one.

Cool… RT @100ftzombie: Iron Man 2: Interactive Trailer! Get inside this “Iron Man 2” trailer like

  • Forget your traditional movie trailer in a banner – this example shows how far you can take the format…

Great read. RT @inspiredmag: Change, digital transformation and social media: notes from Boulder Digital Works

  • It’s great when you can feel part of amazing events around the world without even attending. But secretly I’d rather be there 🙁

Very cool! RT @baptistelimb: The Future Happens Now! When Coca Cola meets hollographic illusion:

  • I love it when digital and physical come together. Seen something similar at the Samsung boutique here in Amsterdam. But this is cooler.

and finally…

I’ll be there… RT @adland: Augmented Reality Flash mob in Amsterdam Saturday the 24th – join in. via @Dabitch

  • Will have to find a way to convince my wife to come and see this happening but I hope to witness this first hand. Damn, just remembered that Layar does not work on iPhone 3G – just 3GS. Oh well, I’ll be going along anyway.
November 27, 2009

Augmented November

Augemented reality shows no sign of going away anytime soon. This month has seen a number of brands using the technique to different degrees of success. Esquire Magazine made the biggest noise with their AR cover.

It generated a lot of debate and although impressive to see did require the download of special software. That’s a major barrier. But as print magazines face serious issues (no pun intended) they are looking for new ways to attract an audience. This Mashable blog post from the end of last month explains Esquire’s strategy.

Meanwhile, at Disney Orlando the toy store took AR in an interesting direction by providing an in-store screen allowing kids to hold up Lego boxes and see what their model would look like in 3D.

OK, this didn’t appear in November but caught my attention this month. After sharing it on the Blogilvy site one reader made this interesting comment.

“We were in Orlando for vacation a couple of weeks ago. Spent 3+ hours in the Lego store looking at EVERYTHING. The reaction of my son (7yo) to the 3D screens was “Daddy, I’d rather look at the box. You can see more from the pictures than you can on the screen”. it reminded me of the old line – just because you can do something doesn’t mean that you should do it”.

A light-speed trip to France reveals that McDonalds are offering an augmented reality game for kids via their Star Wars themed Happy Meal.


On his blog, Nick Burcher provides a few screen shots and a description of the promo. So far I haven’t found a video of the game play. If anyone finds one please let me know.

Using a webcam and screen as an augmented mirror of reality is one way to use the technique but we are seeing more uses for mobile devices. This AR Firefighter game for the iPhone 3Gs uses the phone camera as a viewfinder then overlays (rather ugly) graphics. Personally I don’t like it but there definitely is potential for the right brand and audience.

Done well, augmented reality can create a lot of buzz. But just like flash mob videos, there comes a point where you just don’t want to see another one. Will this happen to AR? Some articles are very optimistic about the technology. report that AR will be worth US$732 million by 2014. But today things fall out of fashion faster than ever (did someone say Second Life?) so let’s just watch and see.