June 24, 2009

That’s heavy Doc!


One of the great things about having a kid is the chance to relive your own childhood by making them watch all your favourite childhood movies again. Watching Back to the Future 2 with my daughter from 1985 (OK, I wasn’t a kid then – just acted like one) I was struck by how many of the future predictions have either come true or are way off. They travel to 2014 to make sure Marty’s kids don’t end up in jail. We see flying cars powered by fusion which will not be appearing any time soon… but check out the computerised Nike shoes. We’ve got Nike+ that send running data to your iPod.

back-to-the-futureMarty gets spooked by a 3D shark advertising Jaws 19. Well the Jaws series died a death but the shark looked a lot like Augmented Reality. Later we see old Marty on a video conference with Needles. At the bottom of the screen we can see all of Needle’s personal information scrolling – favourite food, hobbies etc. Social networking? User profiles? The faxes around the house were a bit old school but there was an element of instant messaging in there.

Over a dinner of hydrated pizza Marty’s kids are wearing personal entertainment goggles. They even had phones built in. There was definitely an element of the iPhone in there especially when you consider that those goggle devices are now available.

ipod_gogglesLoved the cafe 80’s in the movie. Funny that the 80s revival is already in full swing in music, fashion and more. Now, I’ve just got to get my daughter to watch Tron.