February 22, 2010

Week of Tweets #7

The Twitterverse continues to expand and grow. Will Google Buzz bring all that to an end? For now, here is another list of the best of my tweets…

Consumer-generated ads? Oh, by the way… the winner is an advertising creative director, writer, film maker… http://bit.ly/cM9C5R

  • Yes, crowd-sourcing is the buzz-word du jour and the idea of agencies disappearing to be replaced by creative customers who come up with amazing ad campaigns. But as this article discovers, those average Joe consumers are actually advertising experts after all!

I’m jumping on the sofa! NYTimes: You, Too, Can Soon Be Like Tom Cruise in ‘Minority Report’ http://s.nyt.com/u/BhL

  • Interesting article looks at how the imaginary user-interface of the future has actually been developed into a working version.


Fascinating NYTimes: Viewing the Mouse Tracks You Leave Behind http://s.nyt.com/u/Bna

  • The New York Times always has great articles about technology. This story about an application developed by Anatoly Zenkov, a Russian graphic designer and programmer, shows how people interact on a computer screen. Cool stuff.

The geek will inherit the earth. RT @PSFK: The New Agency Superstar: The Digital Technologist http://su.pr/23jMEw

  • With more and more technically innovative projects appearing it is finally time that the techies get their dues.

Sign of the times RT @nickburcher: Facebook pages promoted with TV ads and offline media – Smirnoff, Lynx Twist … http://bit.ly/aMNanu


  • Used to be a time when URLS were a required addition to most ads but now it seems like Facebook has taken over. Is it the new web? I have a horrible AOL walled-garden feeling coming on.

Customers give it up to get more. Telegraph article: Advertising is getting personal – at http://bit.ly/aQcuKa

  • This article shows that customers are gradually letting brands into their lives a little more in exchange for something of value. I liked this quote – “the sexy job in the next ten years will be statisticians.”

Let’s end with a smile…

I like it RT @dabitch: ha ha ha : http://www.shadyurl.com/ “Don’t just shorten your url, make it suspicious and frightening”

  • I put in my own blog URL and got this: http://5z8.info/this_persons_account_has_been_hacked_i4y1r_gain-inches
October 28, 2009

Power of crowds

A week ago Lars Bastholm (Chief Digital Creative Officer for Ogilvy North America) asked the LinkedFaceTwittersphere for help putting together a presentation at the Boards Summit about the near future of marketing. He just shared the results and I’m very happy to see my small contribution was included….