May 3, 2012

Best of Webby Awards

Congratulations to all the 2012 Webby Award winners. Let’s take a look at some of my personal favorites.

Akestam Holst won in the Augmented Reality category for their Sound of Football project for Pepsi Refresh – an initiative with the potential to revolutionize blind football but also change everyday life for the visually impaired community. You can check out the full project here. It’s great to see technology being used for the greater good rather than just to amuse the masses.

In recent years Intel has commissioned a series of amazing projects to showcase their spirit of innovation. This project from Nexus Productions won for best us of online media. Using a dynamic mix of live action and animation the action takes place in a series of software windows which open at full pelt. The result is a fantastically clever dash as we follow the heroine’s journey through a myriad of windows in her bid to outwit the baddies.

In the same category the People’s Choice Winner was Wieden + Kennedy’s Back 4 the Future project with Nike that brought to life the famous shoes from the 2nd installment of my favorite movie. All for a great cause too.

We tend to forget email marketing can be a great creative tool but luckily the Webbys have a category for that. The winner from Grupo Gallegos used the act of forgetting your password as an opportunity to tell people to support the Alzheimer’s Association.

The Webbys has always had a more altruistic edge than many other award festivals. Here is another example with the winner of the best Integrated Campaign by kempertrautmann gmbh. In Germany each year, over 100,000 children and young adults are reported missing. The “Germany will find you” campaign covered social, press, TV, events and more. Very inspiring.

Check out all the other winners and runners up here.

April 20, 2009

Is spam destroying the world?

It may be able to enhance your love life but according to a study by climate consultants ICF International and anti-virus firm McAfee spam can be blamed for the production of more than 33bn kilowatt-hours of energy every year, enough to power more than 2.4m homes. The Carbon Footprint of e-mail Spam report estimated that 62 trillion spam emails are sent globally every year.


How do email marketers cut through the crap and reach their audience in a legitimate way? How can you avoid being ignored, or even worse, going directly into the spam box? There is a real art/science behind the strategy, planning and execution of email campaigns. I have the pleasure of working on a regular basis with Tamara Gielen, an independent email marketing consultant, and she provides many useful insights on her website. Check it out here. Many companies are shifting from physical direct marketing to email. Experts like Tamara will be vital to make sure that their marketing dollars are not wasted. As for the creative aspects of email there are some great examples to be found. The site Campaign Monitor collects emails and comments on them. Very useful. But don’t forget – many people check their emails on mobile devices so make sure you have a killer subject line. It may be the only reason someone clicks.