December 4, 2011

Euro rising

While things in the European economy are looking extremely dodgy the advertising awards season in Europe keeps rocking like there’s nothing wrong. This past week saw both the Epica and Eurobest awards. Let’s look at some of the highlights…

EPICA d’Or for Interactive went to Jung von Matt in Stockholm for the Mini Getaway. I recently met the guys from Monterosa, the mobile agency that the agency tasked to make this happen. So instead of showing the old video here is a new one about the next Mini Getaway in Tokyo (it’s in Japanese just to annoy you all).

There was a GOLD in the web category for Lowe Brindfors and thei Magnum Ice Cream “Pleasure Hunt”. The internet is a place where all kind of pleasures exists. They wanted to build a light-hearted story in which Magnums new ice cream came out as superior to everything else out there: Internet’s ultimate pleasure. The mechanic was inspired by something that has engaged and united people for decades: classic platform games. But this time with a totally different platform: the Internet. The user controlled a young woman literally running trough the Internet collecting the ingredients for her ultimate pleasure, the Magnum Temptation. Below is a making of video.

Another GOLD, this time for branded content in social networks went to Forsman & Bodenfors for the REEBOK Promise Keeper. It was the first online running application (website,
iPhone/iPad-app and Android app) that would actually get you out and run. Every run you
promised to make in your online calendar was automatically posted on the social network of your
choice and spread to all of your friends. They would also be notified about whether you ran or
not. Every update was personal and became a direct message that spawned conversation.
Everything was built on the insight that a promise to everyone you know is more important than a
promise only to yourself.

Let’s head over to the Eurobest Awards and see who triumphed there.
The Grand Prix went to Hypernaked for Nokia. In this joint promotion with Burton, Push Snowboarding introduced a new way of marketing. Rather than simply telling people about Nokia’s most powerful smartphone, they developed a piece of new technology to show people it’s power. Using the smartphone at the core, they developed technology that could take snowboarding to its next stage by developing wearable sensors that bluetoothed simultaneously to the N8, giving snowboarders live tracking of their ride: speed, airtime and even fear.

Gold went to Tribal DDB Amsterdam for their latest Philips Obsessed with Sound campaign. To demonstrate that Philips is ‘Obsessed with sound’ and claim that you can hear every detail with the brand’s audio products, they created a unique interactive music video. They collaborated with the Grammy Award-winning Metropole Orchestra and recorded a specially composed music piece entitled “I’m No Prototype”- in 55 separate music tracks. On the site, viewers could experience the music video as a whole, played by the entire orchestra, and were invited to single out each musician to hear every detail.

Another Gold went to SapientNitro London for Foot Locker
Sneakerpedia was not only the world’s largest sneaker archiving project and the first ever visual-wiki, it wasdigital solution specifically designed to connect sneaker fans, enabling them to share, discuss, follow and help shape future sneaker trends.

Not every great project wins Gold. A Silver went to FORSMAN & BODENFORS for AMF. They knew that pension savings was boring but the future was exciting to people. Also, if you got a sudden message from a company, you were not very interested but if you got a message from a friend, you usually were. By offering people to send messages to their friends or colleagues that couldn’t be opened by the recipient until the year 2030, both the sender and the recipients would start to think about how life will be 20 years from now. And with a rising interest for the future, they would eventually have a rising interest on their pension.


Maybe we should have an advertising Olympics. See which countries would come out on top in digital. From looking at these winners the Europeans would give the rest of the world a run for their money.

December 3, 2009

Eurobest 2009 – Interactive

An interesting list of winners at last week’s Eurobest Awards… In the interactive category the Grand Prix went to Happiness Brussels for their Toyota IQ campaign.


They came up with the idea of using the car to draw a new typeface that expressed its unique agility and control. Click here to see the award entry.

There were 6 golds awarded including the amazing Philips Cinema Carrousel site. One of my personal favourites is the Banner Concerts campaign that took two golds. Boondoggle of Belgium was the winning agency. I loved the idea of making real bands play in such confined spaces. Axion, the client, was really able to tap into the mindset of their youth audience with this concept…

Of the six silvers four of them were from Belgium. There must be something in the water. Move over Sweden. One of my favourites was the interactive viral video from Happiness Brussels called Let it Ring, warning about the dangers of using mobile phones while driving. See video below…

Out of the 22 bronze winners the standout for me was the Philips Sensitive Males campaign by Crispin, Porter + Bogusky Europe.


The campaign was to promote Philips NIVEA FOR MEN, a 100% waterproof device with built-in lotion from Nivea. And highlight the campaign site

As part of the campaign they created a live banner event on one of Scandinavias biggest gadget and lifestyle sites. A famous Swedish comedian held an online therapy session, where men could upload their pictures and get help to speak openly about their worries, by borrowing the comedians mouth and let him do the talking.

There a lots of great campaigns to explore on the Eurobest website (not just Interactive!!). Enjoy…

Oh, almost forgot… a special congratulations to my French cousins at Ogilvy France for winning Eurobest Agency of the Year.

case study from stuffcore on Vimeo.