October 27, 2014

TVCs get social

Was interested to read in Adweek how HP has turned a series of 6-second Vines into a 30 second TVC. This is taking integration somewhere new and in many ways in reverse from the way many agencies work. Luckily it wasn’t created with user-generated Vine videos or the results could have been much worse. For this campaign, HP hired about a dozen artists and commissioned around 30 clips.

Many brands are looking how to crossover between different screens. Often it is done in a very simplistic way with the TVC being used on social channels, sometimes with extended or interactive versions. Almost every TVC now uses hashtags to lead people into social engagement. But how can integration be more surprising or innovative? With people often on their phones or tablets while watching TV could we see some interesting social platform + TVC synchronized experiences? There was the Honda Jazz app from a few years ago where people could catch characters on a TVC. Or Shazam integrations which was popular for a while. I’m sure we’ll be seeing some interesting developments in the coming years bringing all our screens together for more seamless brand experiences.

June 8, 2009

Creativity online

This interesting white paper (sponsored by HP) takes a look at agencies pushing the boundaries of creativity online. It includes interviews with industry experts from Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, Crispin Porter + Bogusky  and BBDO. Read case studies about award-winning projects such as Doritos Hotel 626 among others.

It’s¬†fascinating to get an inside view on how digital is transforming brand communication.

Download the white paper here.

Thanks to my good friend and ex-colleague David Brown for sharing this with me.