December 19, 2010

Week of tweets #22

After 6 weeks working in Shanghai I’ve barely managed to keep tweeting while my blogging has been very thin on the ground. Well, these regular updates from my life on Twitter hopefully make up for my silence.

iCandy – Dentsu London’s light extrusion 3D text demo now available to everyone as an iPad app…

  • This amazing project by Dentsu and Berg has been featured on my blog before. Now anyone with lots of patience and time on their hands can make incredible 3D writing appear in the air. Just don’t ask why. It’s cool.

Very smart… RT @tomgooday: RT @blogilvydotnl .WWF a .pdf that cannot be printed great idea!

  • This won’t catch on unfortunately but I love the thinking behind it. A future award winner to be sure.

Brighten your Monday with GE’s Ecomagination YouTube extravaganza –

  • The agency behind GE’s campaign have dome some amazing work. The song might be a little annoying but the execution is spot on…

What the fail whale designer did next – cool murals from Yiying Lu

  • No doubt she was paid peanuts for her design that is seen by millions – but she rode that fail whale to international stardom. Read the full story here.

How times have changed… RT @mariegoupry: A Day in the Life of Social Media

Amazing 360 degree video for Doritos Late Night Flavours –

  • Incredible music video that allows you to change to viewpoint of an immersive world featuring singer Professor Green. The link with the product is a little week but great branded entertainment.

Ooh la la! French iAd for Perrier featuring Dita van Teese – via @brunoclement

OK GO launches a GPS Art Project If only their songs were as interesting as their videos.

  • As Daan (one of my old colleagues) summed up, “Maybe they’re a viral ad agency in disguise :-)”

and finally – something non-digital to mark the season…

The true spirit of Christmas today – beautifully captured in Pot Noodle ad from AKQA

You have to be English to get the full irony. But sweet anyway. Merry Christmas everyone!

November 25, 2010

The rise of the iAd

This is the latest iAd from Nissan. Not sure where this demo video was used but it shows how engaging iAds can be. Nissan is clearly trying hard to get this new medium to work for them as this comes hot on the wheels of their Nissan Leaf iAd.

Here’s another one from Liberty Mutual around the theme of being responsible. It is built around their message that “people want to do the right thing. Now we’re making it just a little bit easier for them to live more responsible lives”.

With the announcement of iPad magazines and newspapers from Rupert Murdoch and Richard Branson we will hopefully see more creativity being spent on developing really smart uses of this new new media.

September 29, 2010

iAd on iPad = Awesome

AKQA have created an iPad takeover for VISA that pushes the limit of html5. From a simple ad unit Visa are able to deliver a rich brand experience that demonstrates the product benefit in a really tangible way. Can’t wait to see more of this kind of work. It breathes a whole new life into the poor old banner. See a video demo here.

September 27, 2010

This is iAd

Apple’s iAd isn’t news but we’ve yet to see many really good examples of it in action. It will be a while before marketers put it on their list of media choices for any given campaign. In terms of creating iAds the same thought process will go into them as any other medium. You need a great idea that is relevant for the target and creatively executed so you get the results you want.

As reported on the We are Magnetic blog, Razorfish – Emerging Experiences have “started the ball rolling with their work for JCPenney. The highly interactive ad shows us some of the possibilities of what really engaging mobile advertising can become. In this ad Razorfish show us the potential of creating a mobile experience that holds the attention, engages the scenes and, along the way, allows the viewer to purchase the odd item or two”.

July 8, 2010

Week of Tweets #15

Last update before the holidays. Things have been a little quiet after all the Cannes fuss died down. But there were still a few gems…

RT @glueisobar: Nice campaign for Dulux: have a read of the blog and watch the film in HD on YouTube.

  • It’s been a while since anyone has “Done a Sony” but this campaign by Euro RSCG London does it and more. They are actually making the world a brighter place too.

Inspiring. RT @davidgillespie: Designing the Design Problem – Nice deck from Frog Design’s David Sherwin.

Great thoughts… RT @RobMurrayUK: RT @albionlondon: Albion Blog: How do you make something go viral?! by @p6_ndp
  • Good advice including – Launch at exactly the right time, make people want to share it, make it simple to share it and hit the influencers. Read the full article here.
Hilarious rant (with some painful truths) RT @PSFK: George Parker: Should We Can Cannes?
  • I love it when people get angry. Here is one classic quote about the bean counter in advertising, “Their concern is about how many people can I lay off this week before I collect my performance bonus, stuff it into my numbered bank account beneath the sidewalks of Zurich, and flee the country before the fucking wheels fall off my so-called “Agency of the Future.” An exercise otherwise known as free-market capitalism”.

Another great cover. RT @mattbuchanan fantastic @Newyorker cover. Cute, and then it socks you in the gut:

How Nike keep doing it… RT @danpankraz: #nike ‘we don’t do advertising, we do cool stuff’
  • Very few brands achieve the same kind of status in the consumer’s mind as Nike. They say it is by “an underlying commitment to their core brand idea, having inspiration and innovation as core values and being part of the customer’s life, infusing the brand into the cultural consciousness” and more…
iLike! RT @PSFK: What An iAd Looks Like

  • Looks like the iAd is going to be the next big money spinner for Apple. Don’t you wish you’d bought shares before in good old 1999?

Layar killer? Qualcomm unveils augmented reality platform for Google Android phones – at

  • You don’t here much about Qualcomm but this could be a good way for them to find a new niche. Until people get bored looking at the world through their phone screens.

Small screen 3D. NYTimes: Did a Speeding Car Just Jump Out of My Cellphone?

  • Meanwhile, mobile phones are going 3D!

and finally…

This may be my last blog post because: Prince: ‘The internet is completely over’. The purple one speaks out…

May 28, 2010

iPad 2015

With people queuing for the new iPad and Apple surpassing Microsoft as the most valuable technology company, you have to wonder where things will go in the future for a company many thought was dead in the water 15 years ago. If you look at the first generation iPod from 2001 and compare it to the iPod touch of today it is clearly shows a quantum leap in capabilities and possibilities. In this article Henry Blodget has some interesting thoughts about the iPad’s future but we can imagine something so much bigger. So let’s fast forward five years and try to picture how the iPad might evolve…

iPads everywhere

In the same way that some people call any vacuum cleaner a Hoover, slate devices from manufacturers like DELL and HP could be referred to as “iPads”. Will Apple try to ban people from using the term for anything other than their own devices? Is that the police banging down your door? In the future the iPad OS might be in the cloud and no matter which device you pick up, if you are a true iPad user your thumb print will grant you access to your own iPad hub with all your preferences and content. Not an iPad user? You’ll be stuck with the Android version that will still look like clipart hell. Even though you are accessing your iPad hub via your friend’s DELL slate the experience will (of course) be slower and the screen less bright. Apple will always try to make sure their hardware is one step ahead. Next time you are visiting friends remember to bring your own iPad.

Free iPads

Today colour printers cost very little as companies like HP and Canon make a fortune on ink cartridges. With Apple making more and more money from apps, advertising and content they could actually give away the iPad but make it useless if you don’t get all your content from them. In this scenario you would see iPads lying around in Starbucks waiting to be picked up so you can access your own iPad hub with all your music, magazine subscriptions and secure access to your social network.

iAd therefore iAm

We’ve seen a preview of the iAd solution from Apple. Five years from now it will be so sophisticated that it will know everything about you, where you are and what you are doing next. In this article from Oren Frank he imagines a predictive context device that knows your every want and need. Brands will be clamouring to be part of this holy grail of advertising. They will be able to target the right person at the right time and place with the right message for them. They still won’t be able to use Flash in their ads but it really won’t matter. How about privacy in all this? Well of course people will be able to opt out. But those who do will soon regret it as their lives will be a lot poorer and empty. In the iAd future there will be a new class of people – the sponsored few. If you’re not connected to your favourite brands then who are you? Oh, and of course Apple would have bought Facebook by 2015 with instant access to all the personal data that comes with it.

How do you see the iPad evolving in the next 5 years? Or will it just be a flash in the pan?