April 20, 2009

Interactive TV is here (again)

NEW YORK (AdAge.com) — The emerging forces of set-top box and Internet Protocol TV interactivity are soon expected to change the nature of television-based advertising. But are the big advertising agencies ready to lead the way into this totally new environment? Speaking at the Age Age Digital Conference, Verizon Communications CMO John Stratton pointedly said he doesn’t think they are.

Watch the video here.

For a look at what the new generation of interactive TV will offer check out Yahoo! Connected TV >

Adobe just announces a deal to bring Flash to the TV screen. Read the story.

The promise of interactive TV has been around longer than mobile being the future of the internet. In many ways mobile is getting there a lot faster. No doubt it is the relative cheapness of mobile phones which has brought this about. I’m certainly not going to run out and buy a new TV set anytime soon. But very soon every new TV set will be web enabled. It’s going to become very interesting…