May 22, 2010

Week of Tweets #13

It’s so easy to miss so much on Twitter. Been in Portugal for the past 3 days for a work conference and it feels like the world has moved on without me. I need a bot to collect the Tweets I would have found interesting based on the ones I’ve clicked previously. Now there is an idea! If you’ve missed any of my Tweets from the past 2 weeks here is my selection of the best:

Toasted marshmallow? RT @mattinnewyork: Love this post by @BBHLabs Is the iPad the new campfire. a must read.

  • According to BBH Labs, “Barely an opportunity goes by for someone with an ipad to share something with me. “Check this out”. “Look at this”. “Let me show you something”. Users seem to want to show off new apps, cool new vids (and of course the device itself). I am very often drawn into the experience others are having around the iPad. We literally gather round, pull up chairs”. Is this the first communal computer?

Great work… RT @bannerblog: Shots pick theit top 20 digital campaigns. Heavy weighting towards viral….

  • These lists are always debatable. But it is always interesting to see someone elses opinion about what is best.

Word “magical” not mentioned. RT @ThinkingDigital: Interesting albeit mixed review on iPad usability from Jakob Nielsen

  • Too much on my blog about the iPad? Maybe I am just subconsciously showing how much I want one. I don’t think Steve Jobs will care much about the comments on this usability review. Then again, Apple want us to believe they create the best products. Their approval process should include sending everything to Jakob Nielsen.

Awesome. RT @heywhipple: Augmented Reality Window Display To Try On Watches Without Entering Store.

  • I came up with this idea about 5 years ago (with some friends in HK) but never got to sell it to the client. Damn it!!!

Clever clogs RT @Campaignmag: Creative lands dream job through $6 Google campaign:

  • The message was a bit lame but the thinking was great. Hope you can keep it up!

Interesting article… RT @AdweekDotCom: The Search for Creative Leadership

  • What makes for the ideal Chief Creative Officer today? According to this article, the job of CCO “requires exemplary creative work, the ability to attract talent, and a combination of traditional and digital skills. But today agencies also need execs who are as credible around clients as fellow staffers. That level of client connection — necessitated by increasingly flatter structures at agencies — requires a certain business savvy not typically associated with award winners at Cannes”. Call me, I’m open to offers!:)

As always, end on a smile…

Google ‘whisper ads’ detect keywords in phone calls – hilarious Onion video

Until next time…

May 7, 2010

Week of Tweets #12

It’s been a bit quiet for me on the Twitter front in between Queen’s Day in Amsterdam, other public holidays and interesting projects to distract me. But here are some of the most interesting things that have been tweeted by me these past couple of weeks…

Cool idea for promos – RT @simonmainwaring: Coke cans as the new media channel: use barcodes to upload content.

  • Right now, somewhere in an agency, someone is working on a campaign using this technology…. or not. Interesting concept but yet to see if it is something that will captivate an audience. See a review below.

Good report… RT @OgilvyWW: Missed opportunities with iPad advertising says Ogilvy Digital Labs

  • Get the latest on who’s doing what for the iPad and why they could do better. Below is one of the videos featured in the article.

Nice RT @ericphu: I think this is the most succinct summary of the impact of the internet on advertising I’ve seen…

RT @intersphere Are small agencies changing the game? Independent agencies vs 4As – From client marketers’ POV

  • Should large agencies be worried? I should think so! In this article Rayana Pandey in Singapore says that “Marketers agree on the same thing: smaller agencies tend to be more agile and reactive, more focused on driving BTL activities with big ideas that have potential for ATL campaigns and are generally well rounded and creative”.

RT @BBHLabs: A painfully brilliant *must-read* – @MarkFairbanks on the ad industry and 5 stages of post digital grief:

  • Great article about the reactions of people to the idea that to “maximize the potential of digital media, traditional agencies must be willing to restructure the venerated copywriter/art director team”.

Amazing… RT @BenShaw: Stunning looking iPhone game – eBoy FixPix

OK, as a game it is pretty mindless but it looks very cool. If you’ve been a fan of pixel art then you’ll need this app when it comes out.

…and one last interesting innovation from Dutch agency THEY

Great idea… RT @Schwartzie14: Radio goes digital and interactive –

May 3, 2010


Nike have been the pioneers of branded utility and now with the iPad Nike Football + Team Edition is providing footballers across the world with an app that will boost their skills. To fit into their mantra of we don’t do advertising, we do cool stuff’, this is an ipad training app for coaches/players to improve their football skills. On the ipad, you can view drills, instructions, challenges, create custom programs from some of the world’s best teams. Found this via Dan Pankraz (amazing strategy guy in Sydney I once worked with) who says on his blog – “no doubt the 2.0 version will have more of a social component, but this is a great starting point. It has amazing interactivity and leverages the viewing power of the ipad brilliantly.  It’s is an example of how the best brands are creating marketing in their products as opposed to just marketing products”.

April 27, 2010

The Age of Hyperactivity

It doesn’t seem that long ago when we would go along to a client to try and sell them on the idea that customers can now interact with them thanks to this amazing new thing called the internet (it was even spelled with a capital I in those days). Fast-forward 10 years and now brands are faced with a new challenge. Interactivity is a given but now customers have been sucked into the new phenomenon of Hyperactivity. With so many possible online distractions, not to mention all the other connected devices they might own, just getting their attention to interact with them is a huge challenge.

What are the signs of someone suffering from this new Hyperactivity? If you look at the definitions of the traditional form there is a definite parallel.

“Sufferers are often distracted and exhibit impulsive behavior that include: inattention, hyperactivity and impulsiveness. They have a high difficulty maintaining attention have a difficult time sticking with one activity and cannot focus”

If you’ve made it this far then there is hope for you. You haven’t succumbed just yet. But let’s look at the symptoms. If you suffer from some of these then you’ve probably moved from Interactivity to Hyperactivity too:

Sufferers have difficulty following directions, processing information and completing tasks.

So you’ve spent money on an interaction designer and usability expert to create the best user experience. It seems totally logical how people should navigate your site. Will they follow your flow? Can they easily be guided through the simple steps needed to engage with your brand? Will they hell? Check out IOGraph which tracks mouse movement. Test a few people on your well-designed website and see where they go. Then pour yourself a stiff drink.

Daydreaming and boredom are common. This boredom can lead to hyperactive behaviors like constant talking.

Twitter, text messaging, Skyping, MSNing… How many of these have you done today? How many of these conversations have had a brand name dropped in there? Buzz marketing is tapping into the hyperactive talkers to make sure they get maximum exposure for minimum cost. The new campaign for Pringles even makes fun of these over-sharers and encourages them to share something worthwhile – like a potato chip for example?

Those who are impulsive have difficulty sitting still.

How much time do people spend on websites? According to Nielsen, in March 2009 it was 56 seconds. Less than one minute to watch your loading animation, click through your site, read your copy, and experience your content. That’s about the attention span of a goat. Hard to really convince someone to buy your product… but then again it is longer than a TVC.

Waiting is torture for the hyperactive.

No download speed is enough for these people who want everything now. How many people were happy to watch the unfinished version of the Wolverine movie just because they couldn’t wait to see it at the movies? Someone who knows how to manipulate the Hyperactive is Steve Jobs. He will announce a product like the iPad then force people to wait 3 months to get one. Then as soon as they have one in their hands these attention-deficient victims are waiting for the next generation model.

Does this all sound familiar? In the space of one day have you tweeted, updated your profile, uploaded your photo to make yourself beatbox (here’s mine), downloaded music or film, chatted, emailed, bought online, played a game, Googled, shared something viral, blogged and left a website within 56 seconds? You’re now officially Hyperactive.

April 23, 2010

Week of Tweets #11

It’s time to take a walk down memory lane again and see what’s been most interesting in my Twitter feed in the past week (more like 3 weeks).

Here they come… RT @BBHLabs: Introducing BBH’s Very First iPad App, for Cadillac – a new @BBHLabs post:

  • Only a few weeks old now and the iPad continues to get a lot of attention. This is one of the first commercial apps for the device – a partnership between Cadillac and Cool Hunting.

Just can’t get enough? RT @inspiredmag: 5 Things Depeche Mode Can Teach You About Effective Online Marketing

  • Someone challenged Brian Clark of Copyblogger if he could write an article about online marketing using a pop-music-analogy,featuring Depeche Mode songs. The result is very clever.

Great collection… RT @loopdiloop: 30 Inspirational TED Talks on Design and Creativity

  • It’s great when someone puts together pages like these that gather together a collection of inspiring videos. Below is the one from novelist Amy Tan.

Don’t wait for permission – RT @loopdiloop: The Delicate Art of Unauthorized Innovation

  • If you’re on Twitter then it is definitely worth following Loopdiloop who always finds great articles… like this one.

Cool… RT @100ftzombie: Iron Man 2: Interactive Trailer! Get inside this “Iron Man 2” trailer like

  • Forget your traditional movie trailer in a banner – this example shows how far you can take the format…

Great read. RT @inspiredmag: Change, digital transformation and social media: notes from Boulder Digital Works

  • It’s great when you can feel part of amazing events around the world without even attending. But secretly I’d rather be there 🙁

Very cool! RT @baptistelimb: The Future Happens Now! When Coca Cola meets hollographic illusion:

  • I love it when digital and physical come together. Seen something similar at the Samsung boutique here in Amsterdam. But this is cooler.

and finally…

I’ll be there… RT @adland: Augmented Reality Flash mob in Amsterdam Saturday the 24th – join in. via @Dabitch

  • Will have to find a way to convince my wife to come and see this happening but I hope to witness this first hand. Damn, just remembered that Layar does not work on iPhone 3G – just 3GS. Oh well, I’ll be going along anyway.
March 31, 2010

Week of Tweets #10

Oops, slipped a little in my weekly updates from the world of Twitter. It does mean that I have a few weeks to pick from so this should be good…

Interesting article – TV + Twitter @time:

  • Seems like Twitter is the new water cooler. But rather than “did you see that show” it is “I’m watching this great show, tune in with me and let’s chat in real time”. This effect contributed to the fact that the 2010 Super Bowl was the most watched U.S. TV show ever, surpassing the finale of M*A*S*H. This year’s Olympics far outrated the 2006 Games. The Emmys, Grammys and Golden Globes all increased, and on March 7, about 41 million people watched the Oscars, 5 million more than last year. Read on >


Thanks for sharing! RT @digital_london: Wunderman’s Mobile Mania: A Manual For The Second Internet Revolution:

If you’ve been around as long as me you would have heard “this is the year of mobile” for about 10 years now. Maybe this time it’s true. This great manual from Wunderman spells out what to expect…

Phew! RT @AdweekDotCom: Old Is the New Young: Adults keep adolescent values – teens maintain a more ‘adult’ outlook.

  • I’ve actually noticed this with my own teenage daughter. She is sooooooo sensible. She really keeps us straight. I hear her say “what is that terrible music you’re listening to” or “please grow up. This article looks into this strange trend.

A 12 year old boy in my daughter’s class just made an iPhone app for the school. I now feel officially old.

  • OK, so the app could be better. But he did something I can’t do. So after being relieved that I’m the “new young” I suddenly feel ancient.

Careful brands, its a jungle out there! RT @simonmainwaring: Nestle’s social media meltdown. Lots to be learned here.

  • The world of social media can be a minefield. Especially if your product costs the lives of cuddly hairy animals…

Time to change – RT @parsonsdigital: Why Today’s Ad Agencies Won’t Cut It Tomorrow:

  • There is so much talk about how the traditional agency is on its way out. I think they are smart enough to move with the times. Maybe they could move faster but they are not the quartet playing on the deck of the Titanic. Ad agency people are first on the boat.

ipad_179145xWill ads on the pad take off? NYTimes: Advertisers Show Interest in iPad

  • This weekend is the beginning of a new era in hyperbole. World-changing, magical, paradigm-shifting… Advertisers just want to know how to use it to sell more stuff. Let the fun begin.

Inspiring… RT @hellokinsella: Some nice stuff here. 2010 MediaGuardian Innovation Awards winners:

  • This is the third year of the Megas (MediaGuardian Innovation Awards). These awards “recognise those at the pinnacle of achievement in media innovation. The finalists and winners represent thinkers and doers in UK media who act as a catalyst for change and inspire others with their ideas and actions”. Check out the winners. They are (dare I say it?) mega…

Great video interview. RT @darrylohrt: How Pepsico embraces digital – with @jkarpf & @boughb:

    RT @BBHLabs: Something for Saturday morning – our recap of SXSW, the highlights & themes; a @BBHLabs post –

    • If you followed anyone on Twitter attending the event you would not have garnered much information. The best I got was from Lars Bastholm who ended up in a BBQ coma. But this article from BBH sums it up nicely.

    RT @BBHLabs: New Forrester report out: Future of Agencies: focus on Ideas, Interaction, Intelligence; @AdAge reviews:

    • Agencies should be ashamed if it takes a client to drag them into the 21st century. But that is what is happening. Read on

    I always end on a smile (that sounds a little rude).

    Nice RT @adland: RT @kylevanblerk Augmented reality before there was AR. Flipbook that creates a rainbow in your hand.

    • Yes, there is more to life than digital.


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    March 19, 2010


    Together with co-directors Cory Strassburger and Ming Hsiung, Alexx Henry produced a motion magazine cover and feature spread for Viv Mag – an all digital magazine. This combination of video and graphics shows what is going to be possible on the iPad and other tablet devices. Check out all the other features of the magazine here.

    February 17, 2010

    Wired Magazine Goes Digital

    This new video from WIRED magazine shows what their publication could look like on tablets like the iPad. The advertising possibilities are very exciting. Check the story here >

    February 3, 2010


    With all those empty spaces appearing on websites viewed by iPad users, it clearly wasn’t going to be long before advertisers saw an opportunity. The little blue brick icon representing a missing plugin was the perfect invitation for Lego to develop the first Flash-free iPadvertising…


    January 29, 2010

    iPad hearts Gifs

    oclzjWithin minutes of the iPad announcement from Apple, the blogs and Twittersphere lit up with complaints about what it lacked rather than what it offered. No camera, multi-tasking etc. One of the biggest gripes (even from Adobe itself) is the continued lack of support for Flash. The iPad isn’t the ultimate web surfing experience if you don’t have access to all those amazing Flash websites, videos and (dare I say it?) banners.

    Of course, with all Flash banners you are expected to provide a gif backup just in case the user has no Flash plugin. Now those poor, neglected gifs will be taking centre stage on the iPad.

    felixwalkLet’s take a little walk back in time to the early days of the web when 12k gif banners were all you had to play with. To steal from a blog post by Valerie Potter of “the venerable GIF89a image format, released by CompuServe in 1989, allowed you to store multiple images in the same file; the images being displayed one after another, like a flipbook. It’s was great format for simple animations. Animated GIFs were immensely popular in the Web’s early years. They were quick to load (which was of paramount importance when most people were using dial-up), often silly and usually lots of fun”. The Dole gif banner at the top was not an example of how gifs usually looked – 928k not being the norm.

    coffeeSo here’s the challenge to digital creatives everywhere. Don’t forget the humble gif after spending hours making the coolest Flash banner. Your gif may not be a direct translation of your Flash banner either because it probably won’t work. Think about the limitations of the gif animation and adapt your concept accordingly. Hey, you may even surprise yourself and come up with something like this from Almap BBDO in brazil. Their Coffee Piloa banner was deceptively simple and won a Gold Lions at Cannes. It shows milk continually pouring into a cup of black coffee, but the coffee never changes colour. The message? This is strong coffee.

    So maybe the gif is going to have a comeback! Your younger interactive designer may not even have heard of them and will laugh like kids seeing a vinyl record. But sometimes you can do an awful lot with just very little. The only downside? Perhaps only those using the iPad will get to see the result.