February 3, 2010

Week of Tweets #6

Time for another round up of the tweets/retweets I made this past week that I think deserve a second viewing…

I’m watching… RT @adamcoomes: The future of the web: trends to watch http://is.gd/6Xgxf

  • Interesting Mashable article – What the Web of Tomorrow Will Look Like: 4 Big Trends to Watch. It will be accessible anywhere, will not focus around the computer, will be media-centric and social media will be its largest component. Read it all here.

Video- The Dawn of Apple’s Dominance: Digital Hub Strategy 2001, Revisited. http://bit.ly/9OxVFy

  • In 2001 Steve Jobs set out his vision for the future… and it hasn’t deviated. Read the article.

Good points RT @Razorfish: Why most digital ads still fail to be effective (via @adagehttp://bit.ly/b85JEO

  • They are too complex. They take too long to get to the point. They are ambiguous. They are visually bland — or, worse, ugly…. and the list goes on.

Great RT @gracesmith: Better User Experience With Storytelling http://is.gd/7ixIu is really fantastic article (via @jankowarpspeed)

  • Smashing magazine always has great content. This is no exception.

Thanks! RT @ScottSeaborn: DigitalBuzz Slideshare: 2010 Youth Trends Report: If you’re looking for some insights…http://bit.ly/cUi6nq

2010 Youth Trends Report Part1

  • Check out the other presentations here.
and some wisdom to send you on your way…
Great quote RT @BBHLabs: “I like the wisdom of crowds but I don’t like the output of crowds” Michael Lebowitz of @bigspaceship at #smw
August 5, 2009

We’re all sociopaths now.

The social media juggernaut keeps on rolling with no sign of slowing down. Even in China we are seeing that 92% of the online population uses social media even though Twitter was banned. What does this mean for marketers? The second biggest social media success story of the past year has to be The Best Job in the World campaign for Queensland Tourism. The blog post from Rohit Bhargava points our 6 lessons to be learned from this campaign. They are: 1 Make it believable. 2 It’s not about how much you spend. 3 Focus on content, not traffic. 4 Create an inherent reason for people to share. 5 Don’t underestimate the power of content creators. 6 Give your promotion a shelf life. Read the full article here. As for the first biggest social media success story? The Worst Job in the World where a relatively unknown guy captured the imagination of a nation (and the odd rapper) to win the day.
Yet there are still many people in adland who don’t have the first clue about social media. They may drop it in presentations but are just giving lip service in many cases. One of the most reTweeted links of the past week should help these people find answers they dare not ask. To quote from website Mashable “Last year, marketing director Marta Kagan helped solve the problem of the lack of understanding of social media with her presentation What the F**k is Social Media?. It was quickly a social media hit for its wit and its very convincing case for the raw power of social media. With the tremendous growth of Twitter, Facebook, and blogging in the last year though, Ms. Kagan thought it was time for a sequel”.