January 16, 2011

Tag the future

Interesting slideshow from PSFK and Microsoft about the future of mobile tagging. Here they present the key trends in the mobile tagging space and hope to “inspire marketers and their creative agencies about their future use of technologies that include QR codes, barcodes and Microsoft Tags in their branding activity and communication campaigns”.
A few companies (including Google) have tried to capture this new market with their own brand of outdoor tags so it will be interesting to see how the big M make their mark in this domain. As more people carry the kind of phones that can read tags we can imagine many campaigns being able to offer incentives or create a new way to interact with brands. The opportunities are huge and it’s definitely an area that is worth exploring.

September 26, 2010

Week of tweets #18

It’s been a busy few weeks what with quitting my job and getting things prepared for my move to China. The biggest worry was that Twitter is blocked there but I heard that through a VPN I can still keep tweeting. So expect my regular summary of my favourite tweets to continue…

Money for nothing? NYTimes: Marketing Fanciful Items in the Lands of Make Believe http://nyti.ms/9IoCCY

  • Amazing how easily people will part with their money. In this article we see how big brands are jumping onboard the money train too. For example, “Volvo Cars of North America, the clothing retailer H&M and MTV Networks are among the diverse brands entering the market for virtual goods — the make-believe items offered on social-networking games, smartphone apps or fantasy Internet sites”.

Thoughts on branded utility… RT @loopdiloop: RT @IATV: “The Digital Evolution of Branding” http://bit.ly/dqBn3m

  • Fascinating article by Nicole Armstrong showing how brands are bringing value to consumers by extending their experience and providing a “meaningful utility that is there for the customer when they need it most”.

Cool. RT @thinktank_int: Nike’s Destroyer Burrito – good example of integrating digital & experiential to create buzzhttp://bit.ly/ccJraN

Cheers! iPad menus sell more wine… NYTimes: Choosing Wines at the Touch of a Screen http://nyti.ms/ajHAXQ

  • It could be just a short term gimmick or lead to a whole new line of low cost tablets. Right now it is certainly helping business.

Looking good… RT @adenhepburn: New Digital Buzz Post: Video: Meet The New Twitter.com http://bit.ly/aOEiUd

  • This could spell bad news for the likes of Tweetdeck but shows how Twitter has big plans to make their service more useful and intuitive for everyone.

Shame on us all 🙂 RT @nakedstudios: The Digital Agencies of the Future! http://bit.ly/btzbx0

  • This made me laugh so much. Even digital agencies have yet to wake up to the fact that people might be viewing their sites on devices not supporting Flash. See the whole wall of shame here.

Nice… RT @BBHLabs: Liked: Google Creative Lab’s Ji Lee on ‘The Transformative Power of Personal Projects’http://j.mp/cQ4P43

  • OK, so most of us would say that we’re too busy with work to develop personal projects like this one. But it’s amazing where they might take you…

Wow! RT @BBHLabs: Old Record Player + Stop Motion + Lights + Tron Legacy Soundtrack = Awesome –http://j.mp/9NTEiT

Kim Pimmel uses old-school techniques to create something futuristic and surreal. See it in HD here.

RT @LarryTolpin: The Future of Ad Agencies – Incredible for New Hybrid Agencies – Not So Good for for Old Agencies –http://bit.ly/93NiZg

  • There is so much being written right now about which breed of agency is going to survive when all others fade to black. Edward Boches always has a well-balanced view.

Finally, something to make you smile as autumn bites (if you’re in the same hemisphere as me). I’ve tweeted about both of these in the past couple of weeks and each could actually be a new ad for Ikea. One features dogs and the other cats. I know which one I’d prefer to be for IKEA. Enjoy…

May 3, 2010


Nice promotion from Jimmy Choo in London. The Jimmy Choo Trainer Hunt in London invites people to “follow” a pair of designer trainers as they “make their stylish journey around London. Checking in at the coolest, hippest places around town – from the Saatchi Gallery to Shoreditch House – the trainers will update you on their whereabouts in real time. And if they check into a venue near you, you can catch them to keep them”.

Using Foursquare, Twitter and Facebook it is interesting to see a premium, luxury brand getting into social media and mobile this way. Via the always inspiring PSFK blog

September 28, 2009

Sources and resources

fwaWhat would we do without the internet? I for one would still be stuck in the world of traditional advertising & marketing (not that there is anything wrong with that). But the internet, in less than 15 years, has radically altered the communications industry. It’s great to interact with your target audience rather than just talk at them. What’s great too is how we in the industry can find inspiration from what others are doing all over the world. In some ways it’s a fantastic way to spur yourself onto bigger and better ideas – at the same time it can be disheartening to find that your amazing idea has already been done by two guys working in a bedroom in Brazil.

I thought I’d share a few of my sources of inspiration. Some of them are obvious but others may be new to you.

FWA – the motherlode of Flash sites. Get your daily dose of Flash goodness but don’t forget to check out interviews, movies and more.

creaCreativity Online – sign up for the newsletter too. Lots of smart campaigns get showcased, news and interviews…

AdAge Digital – has a mostly US flavour and their articles go behind a subscription wall after a while… but still worth a weekly look.

contagiousContagious Magazine – has a really interesting mix of commercial and more leftfield examples. If you can’t afford the subscription then get snippets by email or in summary PDFs. Enough to get the brain juiced up.

Twitter can be an amazing resource for finding out about the latest cool happenings in the digital world. Some of the smartest people in the business are sharing their information on there. Find someone with something useful or interesting to say then check out who they are following. Just make sure you Tweet too or else the people you want to follow may block you.

The blogosphere is full of great inspiration but it does take time to find the good ones from the bad. Some of the blogs I regularly visit are:

PSFK – a trends research, innovation, and activation company that publishes a daily news site.

Digital Buzz Blog – Featuring the latest digital ad campaigns, hot new websites, interactive marketing ideas, virals,
industry news, social media, insights, and other great digital trends from all over the world.

Digitology – is a dissection of digital culture. Here you’ll find everything from the latest digital marketing news to information on new and innovative digital products.

Untitled Blog – They are “a young and sprightly full service digital agency” based in East London. Don’t just blow their own trumpet but share inspiring news.

Chris Brogan – not so much for creative inspiration but a social media guru. You need to know everything that is happening in this business to be able to propose great ideas that work.

I could go on for several pages sharing more links. But I need to keep a few to myself. Please feel free to add a few or your own.

After all that input, if you are still struggling for inspiration try these techniques suggested by Dragos Roua…