October 15, 2010

Week of tweets #19

Here is another round up of my recent tweets/retweets that I think deserve a second showing…

Great article. RT @graemewood: Not digital vs traditional, but awesome vs crap: “Post-Digital or Die” – by @W2Optimism http://bit.ly/9vJbz5

  • Most articles being written right now either talk about “transmedia storytelling” or “post-digital”. This blog post from Wieden + Kennedy falls into the later category and is definitely one to read.

Contextual isn’t always clever… RT @mediaczar: Display Ad nightmares (aargh! My eyes!) http://mczar.me/adPqOE

  • I have to admit that one of my own ad placement disasters has done the rounds but is not in this cringe-worthy collection (luckily).

UNIQLO win big at the Spikes Asia Advertising Festival in Singapore – Grand Prix for Lucky Switch http://bit.ly/d3RT0d

  • Too often we focus on awards at Cannes, New York and London when there are many other great award festivals around the world. Spikes Asia is one of them.

Apple, are you watching? RT @fwa: Demo of Flash on the Samsung Galaxy Tab – http://bit.ly/9kPTw3 – looking VERY impressive

  • My wife already wants one. Will it be as popular as the iPad? Well it’s also a phone so maybe…

IDEO: Why Would You Trade Away Your Online Privacy? 6 Case Studies on Fast Company… http://tinyurl.com/36ywfdb

  • You have to admire IDEO for their thoughtful approach to all design challenges and (in this case) the motives behind end-user behaviour.

Inspired by print… RT @Patou_N: A very interesting read – How Flipboard Was Created & its Plans Beyond iPad:http://cot.ag/agq3TM

  • When I get my iPad this will be one of the first apps I try. In this article Mike Cue talks about the inspiration behind Flipboard. “We decided to do a thought experiment: imagine if the Web was washed away and we needed to build a new one from scratch.”

Interesting…RT @Patou_N: Digital Life, the most comprehensive study of the global digital consumer, ever. Coming soon http://bit.ly/dhlpy6

  • This new tool from TNS is going to be very useful to a lot of people. To quote their website…”Utilising cutting edge techniques and taking advantage of market-leading expertise, Digital Life offers both a lens on the digital world and the frameworks required to make actionable business decisions within it. It can be used to drive global strategies or inform local tactics”.

Inspiring… RT @gleonhard: An absolutely great collection of examples (videos): the creative internet (106 things)http://ht.ly/2S8OA

  • Some of the examples shown are a bit old but there is enough new and inspiring work to keep you clicking…

and finally… the usual piece of stupidity to end my week of tweets:

Boom… RT @fastcompany: After Exploding Kids Ad Sony Drops Out Of @1010 Climate Change Campaignhttp://bit.ly/ds30eC

  • Didn’t anyone think for a just a minute that this was soooooo wrong?