March 3, 2010

Week of Tweets #8

I was starting to think nobody read my Week of Tweets until I found out that at least one person does – so this is for you Daan!

Interesting AdAge article – Hasbro Moves Beyond Uproar to Create a New Web ‘Monopoly’

  • While the print industry scrambles (or scrabbles?) to save their skins we see other old-world companies doing a great job at reinventing themselves.

Well said! RT @brainpicker: Design icon Saul Bass on making money vs. quality work

  • Great video showing that perhaps we’re all chasing the buck a bit too much.

Despite Promise, Mobile Ads Come Up Short – interesting Brandweek article –

  • If the future of the internet is mobile then we still have a long way to go if we want to really produce amazing mobile ads.


RT @fwa: “the best advertising isn’t advertising” leaf through the Internet Case Study book

  • Check out this latest Taschen book then go buy it. Inspiring stuff.

RT @gracesmith: 52 Weeks of UX: @Jack_Franklin) *Love this site!

  • You’ve only missed 8 weeks of this great website so go catch up now.

Good read RT @BBHLabs: ‘Dotcom 10 Years On’ – entertaining / frightening / incredible piece in UK Sunday Times –

  • If you were there then you’ll know what it was like. This article brings back the shivers.


Delicious!!!!! RT @bohellberg: Frito Lay makes good use of Vimeo:

  • Amazing page take over. Just wish I could embed it here…

The future is now RT @DDBRadarUK: RT Science fiction turns fact as ‘internet of things’ draws closer

  • The Guardian says “The idea of a world where even mundane objects like shoes and food can be connected to the internet may sound like a plot culled from Hollywood – but a new report suggests that it is fast becoming reality”. Hope it will connect my socks too. Then maybe I’ll be able to find a matching pair.

Until next time.