February 3, 2010

Week of Tweets #6

Time for another round up of the tweets/retweets I made this past week that I think deserve a second viewing…

I’m watching… RT @adamcoomes: The future of the web: trends to watch http://is.gd/6Xgxf

  • Interesting Mashable article – What the Web of Tomorrow Will Look Like: 4 Big Trends to Watch. It will be accessible anywhere, will not focus around the computer, will be media-centric and social media will be its largest component. Read it all here.

Video- The Dawn of Apple’s Dominance: Digital Hub Strategy 2001, Revisited. http://bit.ly/9OxVFy

  • In 2001 Steve Jobs set out his vision for the future… and it hasn’t deviated. Read the article.

Good points RT @Razorfish: Why most digital ads still fail to be effective (via @adagehttp://bit.ly/b85JEO

  • They are too complex. They take too long to get to the point. They are ambiguous. They are visually bland — or, worse, ugly…. and the list goes on.

Great RT @gracesmith: Better User Experience With Storytelling http://is.gd/7ixIu is really fantastic article (via @jankowarpspeed)

  • Smashing magazine always has great content. This is no exception.

Thanks! RT @ScottSeaborn: DigitalBuzz Slideshare: 2010 Youth Trends Report: If you’re looking for some insights…http://bit.ly/cUi6nq

2010 Youth Trends Report Part1

  • Check out the other presentations here.
and some wisdom to send you on your way…
Great quote RT @BBHLabs: “I like the wisdom of crowds but I don’t like the output of crowds” Michael Lebowitz of @bigspaceship at #smw