March 4, 2010

Happiness through social media

Thought I’d share this great presentation from Coke’s Group Director of Worldwide Interactive Marketing. It real shows the power of social media when it comes to big brands.
View more presentations from iStrategy.
January 22, 2010

Week of Tweets #5

Sorry folks, with the holidays and a massive project in the new year I have been neglecting my weekly summary of the best things I’ve shared on Twitter this past week. So this time I’m going to be picking my favourites from several weeks of tweets…

RT @olliepee: @BBHLabs blogpost “The Coming Age of Augmentation” wins my futurist post of 2009 award

  • Ray Kurzweil is scaring a lot of people with futuristic theories about machines becoming self-aware. This article talks about that and other mind-boggling theories. Perfect inspiration when you are designing banner ads 🙂

Interesting RT @nictinworth: RT @landor_dot_com: Landor’s 2010 trends forecast: social media trends, by Alex Do —

  • What can we expect to see in 2010? Everyone is getting in on the act by making their own predictions. This blog post was quite interesting.

RT @rohitbhargava: Short video of a very cool Intel interactive touch screen cube from the @Intel booth at #CES – see above

  • CES caused a lot of buzz in early January and this installation from Intel got lots of press. Interesting usability nightmare.

RT @modernista: How Social Media and the Web Helped Avatar Make $1 Billion,

  • So it was a big month for James Cameron and his Avatar. I enjoyed the movie but I don’t see it being a classic piece of cinema. What is interesting is how social media help hype the film into outer space.

Great stuff RT @steverubel: Video: The Future of Social Media – watch below

  • It continues to be the year of social with companies like Pepsi and Coke avoiding traditional media for the likes of Facebook. Steve always has great viewpoints on how brands can do it right.

Great read RT @Tomcallard: No Logo is 10 years old and the fantastic Naomi Klein has written about the branding of Obama.

  • For the 10th anniversary of the book Naomi has released an updated version and this fascinating article is an extract from that edition.

Black turtleneck optional… RT @loic: How to present like Steve Jobs

    • Next time you are going to be presenting – get some of the Steve vibe going…

    Finally, I knew I had made a success of Twitter when I found out I was being followed by “The Coolest Couple”, Pat and Lorna.

    patlornaHow did they become the Coolest Couple?

    “There is a reason we are The Coolest Couple and The Coolest Couple on the Planet. By using one of the biggest and largest robotic marketing engines of all time: Google”

    Now that’s what I call confident personal branding! 🙂

    October 30, 2009

    Social Media Day

    The Ogilvy London Digital Lab ran a Social Media and CRM Day on London last month with around 80 clients. This video shows some of the various companies who were there helping to demonstrate the possibilities of social media. There were also several presentations that covered four key practices in social media:

    – Listen for insights from conversations that drive engagement.

    – Participate with customers in authentic conversations.

    – Activate influence in and outside of your customer set.

    – Engage communities with brand value exchange wherever they gather.

    To demonstrate how companies are using social media to transform relationships, Brooke Molinaroli of BT introduced the audience to BTCare on Twitter, ‘their helpdesk in real-time on steroids’ which is proactively find customers needing help and support.

    October 6, 2009

    The truth in social media

    Xrtanormal is new online tool that allows you to create movies by writing in your dialogue and building scenes with virtual actors. This one reminds me a little of the old Truth in Advertising video… just updated for our social media world. The truth hurts.

    August 6, 2009

    Deadly sins for the Internet age


    The Pope recently declared that social networking is bad for the soul. While he is praying for the downfall of Facebook he may not be aware that there is a bigger problem with the Internet. It is full of temptation and turns surfers into sinners before you can tweet Hail Mary. To help his holiness I’ve compiled a list of deadly sins 2.0 with a little help from Wikipedia.

    Extravagance (Latin, luxuria) is unrestrained excess. Extravagant behaviour includes the frequent purchase of luxury goods, and forms of debauchery.

    It’s so easy to spend money online. One-click and you’ve bought something you don’t really need. You get obsessed with winning that eBay auction to the point of staying up all night to make a bid in the last 10 seconds. While you are not buying you are drooling over gadgets or reading reviews of cars you can’t afford. Repent before it is too late – put that credit card back where it belongs. Or donate what you were just about to spend to charity.

    Lust or lechery, is usually thought of as excessive thoughts or desires of a sexual nature. Dante’s criterion was excessive love of others, which therefore rendered love and devotion to God as secondary.

    Prostitution is said to be the oldest profession. The sex industry was also there at the genesis of the Internet too. We all know how Internet porn is a huge industry thanks to clicking sinners. It’s so easy to find (I’ve been told) and every fantasy is catered for. Don’t blame the spammers for tempting you. If your hand offends thee cut it off. Or just shut down your PC.

    Gluttony Derived from the Latin gluttire, meaning to gulp down or swallow, gluttony (Latin, gula) is the over-indulgence and over-consumption of anything to the point of waste.

    Wasted time more like it. Just how many viral videos can one person watch in a day? Or can you resist having one more go at a mind numbingly silly game someone sent you. How many movies or TV shows can you really download and actually watch? Beware, just like eating too much you might start feeling nauseous. Or end up in hell watching Susan Boyle remixes non-stop on YouTube for eternity!!

    Greed (Latin, avaritia), also known as avarice or covetousness, is, like lust and gluttony, a sin of excess. However, greed (as seen by the church) is applied to the acquisition of wealth in particular.

    Everyone dreams of becoming rich. Dot com rich. So many new ventures and start-ups are driven by this powerful urge to live the life of the successful entrepreneur. No matter if your dot com idea makes no sense. It’s your ticket to the top – but will only lead to your damnation. Devote your time to helping the poor instead. Hold on, is taken yet? Stop it!!

    Despair (Latin, Tristitia) describes a feeling of dissatisfaction or discontent, which causes unhappiness with one’s current situation.

    Spend any time on the Internet and you’ll come across people who are more interesting, exciting, intelligent, successful, funny, lucky, happy, beautiful and basically better than you. No wonder you feel despair. There are even groups where you can share your despair and encourage each other to do yourselves harm. Switch off your computer and go to the church. Turn your despair into guilt instead.

    Sloth is described as the failure to utilize one’s talents and gifts.

    Well if you will spend your time online it can only lead to complete laziness. Forget about using your talents. You don’t even need to use your legs or brain for that matter. Get instant recommendations for just about everything. Buy anything you need and have it delivered to your door. Shame on you! What about using your God-given gifts? Like that fat guy dancing to Single Ladies?

    Wrath (Latin, ira), also known as anger or “rage”, may be described as inordinate and uncontrolled feelings of hatred and anger.

    Clearly the Internet has provided a channel for everyone to pour out their wrath. Didn’t like a book? Give zero stars and insults to anyone that gave it otherwise. Chatrooms? How about bloodbaths? Even Tour de France cyclists rage at each other via Twitter. Give peace a chance. Change your ways and turn to religion. Oh, that makes you angry too?

    Envy (Latin, invidia) is when someone resents that another person has something they perceive themselves as lacking.

    Very closely linked to greed, it occurs when we watch a video of grinning buffoons who’ve just sold their website to Google for billions. They don’t care that it will make no money for their buyers. They’ve made it and you watch in total envy. But don’t forget. Blessed is he that considereth the poor: the Lord will deliver him in time of trouble. Now don’t you feel better?

    Pride or hubris, is considered the original and most serious of the seven deadly sins, and indeed the ultimate source from which the others arise.

    As you write your blog or tweet about yourself, make your own video CV showing your numerous talents… or upload a video of yourself performing some amazing feat. Just remember that pride comes before fall. God might smite your visitors and you’ll see your popularity drop to zero. Ashton Kutcher, hope you’re listening.

    So tread carefully online if you care about your spiritual well-being. Just say out loud “Get behind me Satan”, or Facebook, Twitter, eBay, YouTube…

    August 5, 2009

    We’re all sociopaths now.

    The social media juggernaut keeps on rolling with no sign of slowing down. Even in China we are seeing that 92% of the online population uses social media even though Twitter was banned. What does this mean for marketers? The second biggest social media success story of the past year has to be The Best Job in the World campaign for Queensland Tourism. The blog post from Rohit Bhargava points our 6 lessons to be learned from this campaign. They are: 1 Make it believable. 2 It’s not about how much you spend. 3 Focus on content, not traffic. 4 Create an inherent reason for people to share. 5 Don’t underestimate the power of content creators. 6 Give your promotion a shelf life. Read the full article here. As for the first biggest social media success story? The Worst Job in the World where a relatively unknown guy captured the imagination of a nation (and the odd rapper) to win the day.
    Yet there are still many people in adland who don’t have the first clue about social media. They may drop it in presentations but are just giving lip service in many cases. One of the most reTweeted links of the past week should help these people find answers they dare not ask. To quote from website Mashable “Last year, marketing director Marta Kagan helped solve the problem of the lack of understanding of social media with her presentation What the F**k is Social Media?. It was quickly a social media hit for its wit and its very convincing case for the raw power of social media. With the tremendous growth of Twitter, Facebook, and blogging in the last year though, Ms. Kagan thought it was time for a sequel”.
    April 9, 2009

    Debunking Social Media Myths

    Interesting article in Business Week that debunks 6 social media myths…

    1. Social media is cheap, if not free.

    2. Anyone can do it.

    3. You can make a big splash in a short time.

    4. You can do it all in-house.

    5. If you do something great, people will find it.

    6. You can’t measure social media marketing results.

    Article written by B.L. Ochman, president of

    Read it here >

    April 8, 2009

    The circle of (second) life

    The obituaries are already being written for virtual world Second Life. There was a time (not that long ago) when there was as much hype about it as there is today about Twitter and Facebook. Less than 2 years ago ad agencies were buying specialist shops who focused on marketing within these virtual experiences. Unless these brands want to market to perverts and the socially disabled then Second Life seems to have been a poor investment.

    So should this be a warning about today’s obsession with social media? I think it all depends on the brand. Burger King’s “Whopper Sacrifice” on Facebook was a very clever use of social media and the target audience was in the right place at the right time. Less than 24o thousand sacrifices were made. Or should that be “an amazing 233,906 friendships were sacrificed”? I’m sure Burger King saw it as a huge success. But how many brands are trying to be social when probably it is totally wrong for their target? Social is the new viral. Clients want to be part of the digital trend. It is up to agencies to give smart advice and not get carried away too.