February 10, 2011

2011 Digital Marketing Outlook

Great report from the Society of Digital Agencies that ranges from where marketing meets technology to how CMOs and agencies are ushering in the era of integrated marketing communications. It’s an amazing collection of “insights and knowledge sharing from agency, marketing, and academic thought leaders from around the globe”.
The Digital Consumer section shows “the benefits of listening to and engaging online audiences and understanding their comfort with digital intimacy”. The Modern Brand section explores “what we can learn from agile development processes and what the new agency model really looks like”. In the Emerging Technology & Trends section you’ll find an “insider’s view of how close we are to a Minority Report world, where wearable digital technology is not just a fashion trend, and where location-based social networks intersect our physical and virtual identities”.
There is a whole lot more too. Definitely something worth sharing with colleagues and clients.