January 22, 2010

Week of Tweets #5

Sorry folks, with the holidays and a massive project in the new year I have been neglecting my weekly summary of the best things I’ve shared on Twitter this past week. So this time I’m going to be picking my favourites from several weeks of tweets…

RT @olliepee: @BBHLabs blogpost “The Coming Age of Augmentation” wins my futurist post of 2009 award http://bit.ly/55QSom

  • Ray Kurzweil is scaring a lot of people with futuristic theories about machines becoming self-aware. This article talks about that and other mind-boggling theories. Perfect inspiration when you are designing banner ads 🙂

Interesting RT @nictinworth: RT @landor_dot_com: Landor’s 2010 trends forecast: social media trends, by Alex Do —http://ow.ly/Q21b

  • What can we expect to see in 2010? Everyone is getting in on the act by making their own predictions. This blog post was quite interesting.

RT @rohitbhargava: Short video of a very cool Intel interactive touch screen cube from the @Intel booth at #CES – see above

  • CES caused a lot of buzz in early January and this installation from Intel got lots of press. Interesting usability nightmare.

RT @modernista: How Social Media and the Web Helped Avatar Make $1 Billion, http://bit.ly/82oAyf

  • So it was a big month for James Cameron and his Avatar. I enjoyed the movie but I don’t see it being a classic piece of cinema. What is interesting is how social media help hype the film into outer space.

Great stuff RT @steverubel: Video: The Future of Social Media – watch below

  • It continues to be the year of social with companies like Pepsi and Coke avoiding traditional media for the likes of Facebook. Steve always has great viewpoints on how brands can do it right.

Great read RT @Tomcallard: No Logo is 10 years old and the fantastic Naomi Klein has written about the branding of Obama. http://ow.ly/XnkL

  • For the 10th anniversary of the book Naomi has released an updated version and this fascinating article is an extract from that edition.

Black turtleneck optional… RT @loic: How to present like Steve Jobs http://ping.fm/Uvpyf

    • Next time you are going to be presenting – get some of the Steve vibe going…

    Finally, I knew I had made a success of Twitter when I found out I was being followed by “The Coolest Couple”, Pat and Lorna.

    patlornaHow did they become the Coolest Couple?

    “There is a reason we are The Coolest Couple and The Coolest Couple on the Planet. By using one of the biggest and largest robotic marketing engines of all time: Google”

    Now that’s what I call confident personal branding! 🙂

    April 26, 2009

    Brands matter

    Was reading an interesting article on the Time website about how Apple are enjoying huge success with the iPhone and posting stunning results while other mobile companies like Sony Ericsson, Nokia and Motorola are suffering. It talks about the power of branding and how the Apple brand is the main factor in making them buck the trend in today’s economic situation. Other manufacturers have similar handsets – as the artilce says “Samsung builds a smartphone that looks and works a lot like the iPhone. It is called the Instinct and Apple owners think it is junk”.

    In some ways there is the question of fashion to take into account. A couple of hundreds of years ago no self respecting gentleman would have been caught without a powdered wig. It may not have been as technologicallly advanced as an iPhone but was just as essential. Today only judges and actors wear them. At which point did the general public put away their wigs for the last time? Was one poor guy the last one walking down the street with one on his head?

    An interesting book by Douglas Atkins from a few years ago looks at the brand as a cult.Turning customers into believers. Atkin, a strategy director for a New York ad agency, believes “the process through which consumer brands build customer loyalty is equivalent to the way religious cults recruit members”.

    Like many cults there are few with happy endings. The Motorola Razor phone became a cult item for a short time. Jennifer Garner used one in the series Alias to open a safe. Unfortunately they could not spread the love to their other products. Apple have managed to maintain their cult of design since the iPod became popular. They cannot afford too many flops like iBoombox speaker system (or whatever it was called). Have Apple found the magic formula for great brands? They are number 1 in the list of most admired brands. The pressure is on (not unlike Steve Jobs’ other cult – Pixar) to make sure the faithful remain happy.

    Next time we see Steve Jobs maybe he’ll be wearing a powdered wig. Will Mac lovers everywhere do the same? Probably not. But it would look great with a black turtleneck.