April 25, 2011

Future of TV?

According to Syzygy Lab, “today watching tv can mean a lot of things: TV via Internet, web content via TV, video on demand, IPTV, cable, satellite, DVB-T, mobile television…”

They developed this concept to show how TV might evolve. Their TV experience concept GOAB brings together the latest trends to provide a possible answer to the question: How do we want to watch television in the future?

April 7, 2009

Digital Mad Men


The surprise TV hit of the moment is a show set in the world of advertising of the early 60s. Mad Men follows the exploits of the high flying ad men of Madison Avenue when sexism was politically correct, everyone smoked and a glass of whiskey was vital to coming up with the next big campaign. Fast forward 40 years and today’s digital ad agency looks a lot different… or does it?

Today agencies (digital and traditional) are very much male domains. This is a shame because a few more females would certainly tip the odour balance. In terms of the look of today’s Digital Mad Men you can swap the sharp 60s suits for creative facial hair, piercings and painfully hip t-shirts. Let’s not forget the bare feet in thongs and the obligatory tattoo. In fact, most digital agencies look, at first glance, to be populated by teenagers until you realise that the blue haired guy who just rushed past you on a scooter is probably in his late 30s.

Swap the whiskey for red bull and the sexist banter for hard-to-fathom tech talk and you have the makings of a new TV series. Add a foosball table, some loud yet ironically kitsch music in the background and you have a show that should be really popular around 2049. Everyone can laugh at the quaint idea of websites as they watch the show on the Googlesphere via their psychic interface.

By the way – take a look at the Digital Mad Men spoof on YouTube made by Brand Digital… Click here