April 27, 2009

Fear, Love and Advertising

On April 21st, Steve Hayden, Vice Chairman of Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide, shared his perspectives on the convergence of advertising and technology, and showcased three innovations that “hold promise in this time of fear and love in the marketing and communications industries”. Speaking at ad:tech San Francisco he looked back at some stand-out creative campaigns to show that the current economic times should not be an excuse to limit creativity. I was not there unfortunately but was able to follow a lot of the presentation thanks to the Adrant blog. Click here for some excellent coverage. As well as talking about the Hayden Mandala, “a complex (and yet simple!) cycle of everything a person/brand goes through when facing a major growth trajectory or change”, he introduced some technologies that he believed would be shaping the future of advertising in the coming years. This ranged from interactive TV through to incredible 3D imaging software that made it easier and cheaper to create realistic images for print, TV and more. Reps from various companies demoed their products then the audience was introduced to Virginia Miracle (great name!!), SVP of Ogilvy PR’s Digital Influence Strategy group and a social media expert. On her blog she explains what she presented including some data visualisation showing the power of conversations between a target audience – allowing planners to develop customer-informed strategies rather than just “throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks”.