August 8, 2011

Get emotional

In this video featuring John Jay of Wieden + Kennedy he talks about the emotional connection agencies need to have with their clients and the target audience to get to the soul of the solution. The same goes for digital but how easy is it to achieve? With projects such as The Wilderness Downtown by Google we are seeing more online communication that is able to make that emotional connection.

As people become more emotionally invested online, especially with social networks, it is becoming more important for all digital marketing to have empathy and soul. Looking at some of the most successful projects of recent times we can see this as a trend that will only get stronger. From the Decode campaign with Jay-Z to Ikea’s Happy Inside we can see the power of emotion.

So next time you feel yourself getting too intellectual in your concepts take a breath and let your emotional side out a little. You might just end up with something a lot stronger…

June 26, 2011

Apres Cannes – trends for the coming year

As the dust settles and the sun sets on the Cannes Festival of Creativity (significantly this year the word “advertising” has gone) it is worth looking at the Cyber Lion winners to get an idea of some of the trends we might see for the year ahead.

Three grand prix winners this year and they couldn’t be more different. First up is The Wilderness Downtown from Google Creative Lab showing that being creative with code can result in powerful emotions. This is digital marketing as art, helped enormously by the music of Arcade Fire. Could this be the start of a new wave of emotionally driven digital campaigns that are highly personalized?

Secondly the accolades keep coming for Old Spice and the responses campaign by Wieden + Kennedy. Not really a complex digital campaign but one that really capitalized on the popularity of its star. In their own words they “created an interactive experience in which our Old Spice Guy personally responded to fans on the Internet in real time. Instead of using traditional paid media, we leveraged social platforms including YouTube, Facebook and Twitter—ultimately creating an effort that would become one of fastest-growing and most popular interactive campaigns in history”.

After two Grand Prix winners that succeeded through engaging with the audience personal level we have a third winner that shows creativity in how we can turn word of mouth into a powerful currency. As winning agency R/GA explain – “Pay with a Tweet is the first social payment system, where people pay with the value of their social network. We launched Pay With A Tweet with the release of our book “Oh My God What Happened And What Should I Do?”. It’s simple, people who have something to sell simply add the Pay With A Tweet button to their site, and people simply click on the button and tweet about the product. They are then able to download it: a book, album, or whatever. What began as a promotion became a whole new way to trade content online”.

One thing to remark, all three grand prix winners were from the USA while in other Cannes categories we see countries such as China, Korea and Romania taking the top spot. Does this show that in digital only clients (and agencies) in the US are being brave enough to try new things? Budget could also be a factor. Hopefully the examples of these successful US campaigns will inspire other countries to put more money into digital and allow daring creative ideas to see the light of day.

In a follow up post I’ll look at the other winners in Gold, Silver and Bronze to see what other trends are emerging.

October 15, 2010

Week of tweets #19

Here is another round up of my recent tweets/retweets that I think deserve a second showing…

Great article. RT @graemewood: Not digital vs traditional, but awesome vs crap: “Post-Digital or Die” – by @W2Optimism

  • Most articles being written right now either talk about “transmedia storytelling” or “post-digital”. This blog post from Wieden + Kennedy falls into the later category and is definitely one to read.

Contextual isn’t always clever… RT @mediaczar: Display Ad nightmares (aargh! My eyes!)

  • I have to admit that one of my own ad placement disasters has done the rounds but is not in this cringe-worthy collection (luckily).

UNIQLO win big at the Spikes Asia Advertising Festival in Singapore – Grand Prix for Lucky Switch

  • Too often we focus on awards at Cannes, New York and London when there are many other great award festivals around the world. Spikes Asia is one of them.

Apple, are you watching? RT @fwa: Demo of Flash on the Samsung Galaxy Tab – – looking VERY impressive

  • My wife already wants one. Will it be as popular as the iPad? Well it’s also a phone so maybe…

IDEO: Why Would You Trade Away Your Online Privacy? 6 Case Studies on Fast Company…

  • You have to admire IDEO for their thoughtful approach to all design challenges and (in this case) the motives behind end-user behaviour.

Inspired by print… RT @Patou_N: A very interesting read – How Flipboard Was Created & its Plans Beyond iPad:

  • When I get my iPad this will be one of the first apps I try. In this article Mike Cue talks about the inspiration behind Flipboard. “We decided to do a thought experiment: imagine if the Web was washed away and we needed to build a new one from scratch.”

Interesting…RT @Patou_N: Digital Life, the most comprehensive study of the global digital consumer, ever. Coming soon

  • This new tool from TNS is going to be very useful to a lot of people. To quote their website…”Utilising cutting edge techniques and taking advantage of market-leading expertise, Digital Life offers both a lens on the digital world and the frameworks required to make actionable business decisions within it. It can be used to drive global strategies or inform local tactics”.

Inspiring… RT @gleonhard: An absolutely great collection of examples (videos): the creative internet (106 things)

  • Some of the examples shown are a bit old but there is enough new and inspiring work to keep you clicking…

and finally… the usual piece of stupidity to end my week of tweets:

Boom… RT @fastcompany: After Exploding Kids Ad Sony Drops Out Of @1010 Climate Change Campaign

  • Didn’t anyone think for a just a minute that this was soooooo wrong?

August 11, 2010

Smells like great response

If you have not seen this already, this case study video from Wieden + Kennedy shows how they took a successful TV campaign and made it even bigger through social media…

The results have been pretty amazing:

  • On day 1 the campaign received almost 6 million views
    (more than Obama’s victory speech)
  • On day 2 old spice had 8 of the 11 most popular videos online
  • On day 3 the campaign had reached over 20 million views
  • After the first week old spice had over 40 million views
  • Old Spice Twitter following increased 2700%
  • Facebook fan interaction was up 800%
  • website traffic was up 300%
  • The old spice YouTube channel became the all time most viewed channel
  • The campaign has generated 1.4 billion impressions since launching the ads 6 months ago
  • The campaign increased sales by 27% over 6 months since launching (year on year)
  • In the last 3 months sales were up 55%
  • During the social media Responses campaign sales were up 107%
  • Old spice is now the #1 body wash brand for men
May 15, 2010

One Show Interactive Winners

So here we go again… awards season is upon us. Last night the One Show winners were announced and you’ll be seeing these project again and again in the coming weeks as they take home all the prizes at various festivals. I’ll stick to gold winners here but many other great projects picked up silver and bronze. Here are some of my favourites:

Monopoly City Streets by Tribal DDB London

Below is an unofficial demo video I came across. It’s amazing how Hasbro has been able to bring their classic games to life online and generate a lot of hype. Creative Director Matt Ross and Head of Technology Matt Oxley where the brains behind this great idea. It is also one of the more innovative Google Maps mashups.

HBO Imagine by BBDO

Just 2 years after blowing us all away with the incredible Voyeur project they come back with Imagine which allows you to see a story from various perspectives in a way that changes how you perceive it. Online video has really come into its own.

BMW Z4 by Dare

In a sign that augmented reality is being taken seriously it now has its own category. This project was truly integrated with an amazing TV campaign and mobile app.

Nike Chalkbot by Wieden + Kennedy

I’ve featured this project before on this blog so I’m really happy to see it pick up gold at the One Show. When you answer a brief by inventing a piece of technology it is really thinking out of the box. And all for a great cause too.

Swedish Armed Forces by DDB

Over the past few years some amazing work has been created for this client by DDB. Not sure if the example below is the project that has just been awarded (the winners list PDF is not specific enough) but it show what kind of thinking is going into the work.

Ikea Facebook Showroom by Forsman & Bodenfors

Another project previously shared on this blog. So many campaigns are now using Facebook as their platform but few use it in such an unexpected way.

No doubt the One Show site will be updated with case videos for all the projects. Take a look at all of them (not just gold winners) and try and be more creative, innovative and unexpected – yes, I’m talking to myself here!!:)