August 8, 2010

Week of Tweets #16 (the lazy edition)

I noticed that my last summary of my best tweets was exactly a month ago. Well I was on holiday then off work sick so I have some excuses. Now I have a month of tweets to choose from but they were thin on the ground. Enough dithering… let’s get on with it already!

Avant garde or deja vu? RT @chiatdaynight RT @jbhester: Madison Avenue’s World of Tomorrow

  • The Media Kitchen agency and Popular Science opened the Test Kitchen, a living room of sorts where employees can test the latest technology. Is this big enough news to appear on the NY Times? Probably not… they just have great PR people. Ogilvy have had Digital Labs for years and other agencies no doubt have done the same. I do like the idea of making it look like a living room though. Slippers anyone?

RT @LarryTolpin: ‘What Makes A Good Creative Director?’ – via @BHHLabs –

  • Great article by Felix Unger on the Design Taxi blog. Those of us who’ve held that title for a while could do with a reality check from time to time to see if we are really living up to the expectations of the CD role (and not just cruising). Topics include: The creative director should produce work (not just post-it scribbles), should know every creative brief intimately, should be a shepherd and more…

Amazing. RT @simonmainwaring: crazy and inspiring new devices coming out of MIT give a hint of what might be possible.

  • I’ve always been a bit of a geek when it comes to future technologies.  This article shows what kind of tech we could be using everyday in the near future.

Reading NYTimes: Will Zynga Become the Google of Games?

  • Casual gaming has been buzz word for some time. But with Farmville and social networks it truly exploded. This article shows where it could go next.

Great post on the evolution of digital. RT @edwardboches: Digital ideas, platforms and eco-systems:

  • “For years, digital agencies have strived to distinguish themselves from traditional advertising agencies that practice digital with the claim that they build platforms – applications and utility that delivery functionality and integrate into people’s lives – while ad agencies come up with digital gimmicks”. Read on

Great read! RT @digicynic: A new (controversial?) blog post: How to sell better work. What’s your inspiration strategy?

  • A must read article by Jerome Courtial that covers such topics as: refiningwhat the account team stands for, integrating innovation specialists into the day to day of client servicing, being creative to get more client face time and more…

Movie trailer for horror movie with your Facebook friends. “Lost in Val Sinestra” Brilliantly done: via @daanvanrossum

How they shine so bright..RT @AdHack: Pixar’s tips for creative success – mastery, depth, communication, collaboration:

Amazing work… Future vision: Augmented City – Keiichi Matsuda’s 3D vision.

  • Unfortunately you need some old-fashioned green and red glasses to enjoy this properly…

and finally…

Love it! RT @ChristianHughes: Great fake vintage ads for Facebook, YouTube and Skype – (via @Betapond Blog)

  • I’ve seen a few of these things floating around the web. Are people yearning for simpler times?