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Cannes Outdoor Grand Prix – it’s invisible

This innovate idea drove off with the Cannes Lions Outdoor Grand Prix and nobody saw it coming. To communicate a car’s zero-emission technology agency Jung von Matt focused on its “invisible” impact on the environment by making the car itself invisible. Using LED lights and a camera which reflected a live feed, an invisible Benz […]
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Augmented Angels

Great example of digital provoking physical reactions (some a bit rude but hey it’s England). Lynx Excite generated a lot of buzz with this augmented reality angel using a digital billboard London’s Victoria station. Tweet This Post
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Intel and Adidas score

There are more and more amazing examples of digital retail experiences. Intel and Adidas have teamed up with Start Creative to create this virtual wall of shoes, which the companies demonstrated at the National Retail Federation convention in New York. U.K. based Start Creative designed the touch screen wall which allows customers to see 3D […]
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Great digital creative

At the recent AdAge Digital conference, Ashley Ringrose (one of my ex-colleagues from Sydney), did a great presentation about how to develop great creative online display ads. As reported in AdAge, the “co-founder of Soap Creative and curator of Bannerblog, had a few ideas. Among them: A truly interactive ad must have an interactive idea. […]
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Digital in 2010

Everyone is busy making their predictions for digital trends in 2010. Mostly what we all know already. I’m interested in what will surprise us in 2010. Will it be tablet computers changing how we consume digital media at home? In the meantime here is a look ahead from the guys at Soap Sydney. As always, […]
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How to build great (digital) campaigns

Chapter 5 in David Ogilvy’s book, Confessions of an Advertising Man (the inspiration behind this blog), talks about the discipline needed to create truly successful campaigns. He believed that good advertising “sells the product without drawing attention to itself. It should rivet the reader’s attention on the product”. It should never say “what a clever […]
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Fish food

How do consumers engage with brands in an increasingly digital world? That’s the fundamental question Razorfish set out to answer with this year’s FEED report. Download the Razorfish Digital Brand Experience Report 09 here. Great stuff and very amusing illustrations. Tweet This Post
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Last week I participated in an event organised by IPAN (Interactive Professionals Association Netherlands) about Traditional vs. Digital Agencies. It seems to be a common topic at the moment and is guaranteed to get the blood boiling in people who believe that one side is better than the other. Microsoft’s Consumer & Online Marketing Officer Jacqueline Smit hosted […]
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How to be a good (digital) client

In his book “Confessions of an Advertising Man”, David Ogilvy devotes chapter 4 to the subject of clients and gives them some advice about how to be a good one. He says that bad advertising can unsell a product but often this catastrophe is the fault of clients (sorry). Ogilvy said “some behave so badly […]
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How to get clients in a digital age

Getting back to the original inspiration for this blog, the David Ogilvy book Confessions of an Advertising Man, the next chapter I should really cover is “How to get clients”. I saw an interesting example of attracting clients when I was working in London during the 80s. My boss, a stunningly attractive and brilliant lady […]
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