July 27, 2010

iWant an iPad

Been on vacation for most of July so apologies for being so quiet. At my hotel in Greece there were two public PCs connected to the web. Unfortunately they were being hogged by teenagers on Facebook. Mostly kids from the Czech republic. Sitting waiting for them to get bored and let me use the computer I learned a few things. Text speak is the new universal language (forget Esperanto) and photos of teens partying look the same in every culture.

No wifi connection or else I could have connected my iPhone to get online. Or the iPad I don’t have yet. Here are a few reason why I want one more than ever…


A lot of chatter about this one and the potential issues it might face with copyright. But for now it is a great idea for a way to bring social content to life.

Audi Magazine

According to The Next Web blog “the imagery in the app is gorgeous, but of course a lot of that comes down to the print magazine quality car shots. The app also includes text and video that can be expanded to full screen, which runs very smoothly. However, the app isn’t innovative because it’s looks good – it’s innovative in how it stitches the content together”. Read the full review here.

I’m still holding out for the next generation iPad even if the first version isn’t even on sale yet here in the Netherlands. I guess that gives me time to save up my pocket money and for more amazing apps to be developed.